What do I most likely need?

Even though your mechanic didn’t have time to go through the receipts with you, I hope you did ask for referrals for a new mechanic fro your future work.

If he’s always been honest and fair with you, I presume that he would recommend another mechanic with those same qualities.

If you do get a referral, be sure to mention to the new mechanic that your old mechanic recommended him. Stroking his ego a bit never hurts.


Finally got back to rereading all of this. Thanks, MG McAnick, for finding from whence my picture came. Must have been required back then else I never add a pic. Anyway, it sounds like it got a lot of views.

And of course, Yosemite and others, I most certainly will ask for a recommendation and, if I use said recommendation, will absolutely tell who gave me the referral. Common practice and general politeness IMHO.

Now that the 4th has come and gone, hope to get the car to the shop next week.