Wear & Tear Estimate?

That’s a dream, no such thing. Good and bad, up and down. But this is Car Talk, not Money Talk and people get upset for going off topic. So just check Morningstar or other sites for the graphs and info. In my 401K type though the Vanguard dividend fund (which I don’t have) is less risky. Last 5 years as reported were: 2015, 2%, 2016 7%, 2017 19%, 2018 zip, 2019 30%. Others are better and worse. So you either like roller coasters or you don’t but no pain no gain. But the bank pays us 1%, then invests in debt to make another 5% on our money. The only thing that makes it safe is the banking regulations and the FDIC insurance.

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is it VDADX?

Google Edmunds TCO, you can get 5 year estimates with details for any new car.

Your link has a chart that shows a declining cost per mile based on annual miles driven which would apparently take care of insurance, tags, etc.

The federal cost per mile allowance is likely significantly more than the actual cost of operation and would be both more profitable and extremely more simple to deal with.

Most of the big cities you can function without a vehicle. I have some cousins in NYC that own a law firm. Most don’t even have a license. I hired a guy from Pittsburgh once who didn’t have a license. He was 40 when he moved to the Boston area. Not the greatest place to learn to drive. Eventually he got a license and a car.