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WD-40 On Car Body

I don’t think I’d use it on the finish but maybe a rust converter just to slow the rust down. That wouldn’t be clear coat on that finish. They didn’t start using clear until the mid 80’s when people complained about the lack of shine on their cars. Back then it would have been enamal like Duponts Duco if I remember the name correctly. They didn’t even start using the Acrylic laquer or enamel until the late 50’s and 60’s when they came out with the miracle finish that never needed waxing. Yeah right.


Assuming your car has the original paint, no it never had clear coat

I like your wheel chock . . . whatever works

Can’t do a tarp as the “home owners association” doesn’t allow cars to be stored in the parking lot. I don’t have a garage, otherwise I wouldn’t be worried. The pics/video don’t show how bad the paint actually is. There’s several rusty flakey areas. I’m going to need to do a fair amount of body work when it’s all stripped one day. The caddy is tagged and insured so there’s nothing anyone can say about it from the HOA. We have assigned parking spaces, and ours are under a crape myrtle that just litters flowers and mess all on it this time of year. Between the rains we’ve been getting and the constant flowers, it’s stained the caddys paint - only because it has no clear coat. The f150 almost was stained, took some scrubbing. Anyway, so far I’m glad I did it.

WD-40 on the body is fine. Before ANY sanding or media blasting is started, wash the car thoroughly with harsh soap and then wipe it down with lacquer thinner. Then you can sand or blast. Soda (basically baking soda) blasting is best and very environmentally friendly.

Itll be a long time before painting this car is nearing the top of the to do list.

Well, I am quite familiar with this issue. I have stuff on the list for more than 15 years now. I’m rebuilding the carbs on my motorcycle spending 5-10 minutes a day on them. Takes a while but eventually they will be done :slight_smile:

Considering your issues and the restrictions, this is what I would hose it down with:

Just make a mental note to tell the body guys what you did beforehand. It can be stripped off completely before work commences as long as they are made aware…

you can cover the rusty spots with wax until painting to keep the rust from getting worse.

WD-40 is a good product. I don’t know why it gets so many bad raps. It is a water displacement product and not a mysterious alien liquid that is going to destroy the planet. Its history is that it was originally developed for the military as a missile body protectant, to keep rust from forming on missile fuselages, primarily, and other missile parts subject to rust while in storage. You did good Fender1325.

I used to work with a guy that would use wd-40 on his paint to shine it up before a date on a friday night. He drove a late 1970’s “Cadillick” Deville and always seemed to get dates with the ladies.He would also have one of us add some “freezones” to the leaky a/c system friday after work so he could impress the lady of the month with cold a/c and if he was lucky he could make it almost a week with working a/c before it all leaked out and helped make the hole in the ozone layer just a little bit bigger.

At some point he ditched the Wd-40 and bought a product to put on the paint called Nushine??? You would get one of the many colors available that closest matched your paint and put it on like wax, it would make the paint look better for a while.
At some point he went to visit a cousin in Chicago and his “Cadillick” got stolen while eating dinner in Chinatown!!

After that he bought a 1985 Deville with the wonderful HT4100, at least that one didn’t leak its freon out, but the 4100 was pretty much junk, but somehow he still drove it for a few years, it ate coolant like you would not believe but it ran.

I don’t know if I’d like the smell of a car just doused in WD40…

Suprisingly the smell was kind of refreshing. I havent used WD40 in years. An old friend haha. The smell is pretty much gone now after a day or two. Still looks good.

There was a Car Talk segment years ago in which a woman caller said her father had owned a car dealership in the 1950’s or so, and at the dealership they washed the new cars on the lot with kerosene in the water to make them shine. Apparently this was common back in the days before modern clear coated paint jobs.

Oops my bad, new user

Gee again whatever happened to fender1325? I remember when he got that old Caddy and the problems he was having with using the parking lot. Hope it’s been fun.

I really don’t know about WD40. I don’t like putting stuff on the paint due to contamination but who knows. Once thing though on guns, all we ever ever used was Hoppe #9 and gun oil for the mechanisms. Wouldn’t go using WD on them.