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Was my car sabotaged?

I doubt that Meineke damaged your vehicle but they did find a minor problem and tried to gouge you with the repair price. You were very wise to take the car in for a second opinion. Stay away from Meineke and all the other chain type repair businesses. It will save you a lot of money in the long run as you have already discovered.

@bossgt1982, how can the opening post be “off topic”??

Perhaps @bosssgt1982 owns one of those Meineke franchises, and is…just a tad sensitive…about hearing negative comments regarding those overpriced, frequently shyster-operated establishments.

Yes, it is possible that someone might find an occasional chain-run auto repair establishment that is honest and fair in its pricing, but I think the odds of that happening is similar to finding a chaste, virginal woman at a house of ill repute.

As so many people have found out the hard way, one is almost always better-off by avoiding places like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Pep Boys, Sears, AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, and all of those quick lube places.

@circuitsmith In other words bosssgt1982 is saying that the topic is off topic! Huh??? Nice catch.

Me - "I'm surprised nobody has recommended to the OP to manually check the oil level regularly. "
MY 2 CENTS "@ Joe Guy But that's not the issue here. The car suddenly developed a humongus oil leak out the valve cover gasket while at Meineke."

If the OP had checked the oil regularly prior to going to the shop, it would have shown whether the oil level was low and/or whether it had leaked all over the engine prior to going to there. It also might have prevented the person from driving to the shop with very little oil in the engine.

@JoeGuy Yeah, it would be nice to hear a little more detail from the OP.

I look under my vehicles for leaks before I get in them, most of the time…

speaking of gouging by big name chain shops . . .

A relative asked for advice about a repair estimate. It was for motor mounts on a Tahoe. Goodyear . . . ? . . . wanted to charge approximately $200 for each motor mount. You know there’s almost 0% chance they’re using genuine GM parts. I understand a shop is expected to mark up the parts a reasonable amount, so that they can make a fair profit on the parts

But $200 for each motor mount . . . ?!

I don’t think even the dealer would charge $200 per motor mount. We have plenty of Tahoes in our fleet, and I’ve changed out the motor mounts. They’re not liquid filled or anything high tech

I told my relative that parts price appears to be “out of line”

She told me thanks for the input, and she already got a second . . . much lower . . . estimate

Just to be clear . . . Goodyear wanted to charge $200 per mount, for the parts only. So $400 for the pair, parts only. Not including labor

I think the gasket failed on its own or may have been replaced at some point and done incorrectly. It happens. Find a mechanic not an oil change place or dealership but a mechanic for all your work. There are ratings on this site of mechanics everywhere that readers post. Check it out!