Vehicle suggestion for a hiker who misses driving a car?

Check other Toyota dealers near you for prices at MSRP. I’d go up to 75 miles away to get the right price. You can always use a closer dealer for warranty work.


It_s me: good point. I’m not likely to buy a used Hyundai, so I should be good there. Jtsanders: Yeah, I plan on checking out another Toyota dealer at some point, but that did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

2nd day of car shopping and so far the front runner is the Honda Accord hybrid despite an interior grill that looks hard to clean and an unwanted sunroof. I really want to like the CX-5, which drives nicely and has a good interior, but the fuel economy penalty combined with the slight reduction in size from the Outback probably makes it not a sensible choice. If I get the Accord I might have to keep the Outback for a bit for those rare days when more ground clearance is needed.

Aargh–just test drove a CX-5 turbo–and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it’s the thirstiest, and most expensive option. I’ve test driven quite a few cars by now: turbo Outback, Sonata hybrid, Accord hybrid, Hyundai Tucson hybrid, Rav4 Prime, Impreza RS–good cars all, but none of them sparked joy. But this one–easy to steer, relatively quiet and smooth, great acceleration. Its only vice I can find is mediocre rear visibility. And it has AWD (if not as good a system as the Subarus) and decent ground clearance (7.5 inches). So it looks like I’ll be paying more for gas than I planned on–just paid 5.20 a gallon for my most recent fill.

I paid close to that amount on my last gasoline purchase, up noticeably from earlier this year. Truck only get 15 mpg, so a shock to my poor wallet. On the optimistic side, gasoline prices seem to be a little lower in election years, so maybe it will cost less next year. And politicians offer to pay for our votes, rebate, refunds checks, etc, another way to fund our gasoline purchases … lol …

The folks at Nasdaq explain your observation, and explain why it also happens in the autumn in NON-election years:


Ouch–I can’t imagine feeding a vehicle like that. Hoping things get better soon.

Pfffttttt… I wish my car got that good of mileage, and I have to run 93 octane… lol
I get about 89-90 miles out of about 13 gallons…

Thanks for your concern. I’d have preferred to drive my Corolla the past 30K miles rather than the truck, but Calif politicos refused to make common sense accommodations for Covid, and insisted I drive my truck instead. It is what it is. While I indeed paid a lot more for gasoline the past 3+ years, it is not all bad news. I saved quite a bit of loot by not having to pay insurance and registration fees on the Corolla, and I also saved simply b/c I wasn’t able to drive to some of my favorite. shopping & dining locations. That money stayed with me. I expect $$-wise, overall its a wash.