Using your engine to slow the car

Anyway, you’re wrong.
Do you hear yourself?

The case Whitey is talking about is more than just a simple equation on paper. Look at the whole problem. Not only gravity, but also the forces of air resistance, friction in all the moving parts in the engine, and rolling resistance - all holding the truck back. The weight of the vehicle does factor in.

Yeah I do hear myself, and it is an incredibly simple equation on paper. So simple that they teach it in first semester high school physics. You are wrong. It’s really that simple.

Please show your equations and details to explain why we are simply wrong (about weight not having anything to do with the acceleration of the vehicle going downhill).

Here’s the way I learned it. If you think I’m wrong, show your work:

F = mg
* F is the force pulling objects toward the Earth (ie downhill)
* m is the mass of the object
* g is the acceleration due to gravity; this number is a
constant for all masses of matter

Therefore, because “g” is a constant, a heavier vehicle will have a larger force pulling it downhill.