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Towing Large Trailer With Small Truck

You’re right Mike, but it would also be a lot more expensive. Renting a U-haul truck costs a lot more than renting a U-haul trailer, especially one way.

Your idea is definitely the right way to do it, if the OP can afford the price difference.

Well if the OP has the time the round trip to deliver a truck back to the rental co and pick up his truck is not too expensive on the budget just sleep and driving time. The one way is a problem trailer or truck.

Have you priced what u-haul charges per mile for a “local” rental? Renting and returning the truck in the same location would require the renter to pay for mileage in both directions. Going round trip wouldn’t be any better than renting one way.

There is a reason the OP is considering doing something as ill advised as hauling a large load with a small truck, and it’s because renting a trailer, whether local or one way, is far less costly than renting a truck.

U-haul only has to price its rentals to be more cost effective than paying a moving company. Renting a U-haul truck is still not what I would call cheap.

Just as important to consider is not only that the truck is small…but it’s old.

A U-Haul with a tow bar for the pickup is a much safer arrangement than what you’re considering.
It’d be much easier on yout truck, too.