To warm up...or not to warm up?

I agree with Docnick that you should both have block heaters. That way you can still be a lazy bastard and your friend can take to time to safely clear his windows.

They now make windshield covers that are designed for cold weather. They keep snow and ice from collecting on the windshield. You could use one of those and a block heater and be the warmest lazy bastard in your neighborhood.

You are not lazy, you’re smart. What your coworker is doing by driving off with a 1 foot area cleared is dangerous and, in my home state of NH, illegal.

It’s illegal in NY too…Been illegal in NY far longer then NH.

Neither is hurting the engine one bit. I’d use the extreme oil change interval though. Driving such short distances is considered extreme. A block heater isn’t going to help or hurt. And since you both park outdoors you probably don’t have access to an outlet to plug it in.