Tire sizes

Might just be semantics. I’m looking more at the internals and how it’s mechanically applied as opposed to the overall function. I do agree it does seem to be the BEST of both systems…although I don’t have any practical experience with it.

I would buy two tires that are the same size of the tires you have now; 235/75/R15, which are less than an inch larger in diameter than the factory tires.

It isn’t Semantics. AWD systems use a center differential. The Nissan Pathfinder “All-mode” 4WD is a part time system (which engages automatically when it detects slip), and doesn’t. The lack of a center differential makes a difference.

I wasn’t sure of the mechanics of the Nissan system. I agree it’s NOT a AWD system…It may act like one but it isn’t mechanically a AWD system.