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Tire damage question - fine or replace it?

“Quadra-drive” is Jeep’s branding for full-time 4wd. It’s one of the several options you can choose on the Grand Cherokee. The other options are various flavors of Quadra-Trac, which is also an always-on 4x4 system.

And I’m not too sure on this one, but the Activedrive system, available on the less-than-grand Cherokee, is listed as automatic, but the sales literature doesn’t say if you can disable its ability to enter 4x4 mode. If you can’t, then it should be treated as full-time because you never know when the car will decide it needs to be in 4x4 mode.

Hold the fort here, NO ONE HERE can tell you. if that tire needs to be replaced based on that picture, PERIOD. What you need to do is lightly pull back on the loose rubber and see if you can see the cord material. If all you see is rubber, the tire is good, it will not fail from that.

If you can see cord material and the cord material is NOT cut, you will be OK for limited duty, no high speed driving.

If the cord is cut or frayed in any way, remove the tire and take it to a tire shop and have it replaced, or put on the spare. Do not drive on that tire.

If you have to replace it, measure the tread depth on it and all the remaining tires. Compare that to the tread depth on a new tire of the same type/brand etc. If the tread depth is within 2/32" of new, you only need that tire. If it is worn down more than 2/32", consult your owners manual for the maximum allowable difference in tread depth or circumference that is allowed. You do not want to damage your transfer case.

I can see two sections of white cord in the cut, the tire is toast. For your use I would try to find a used tire with the same circumference . Your differentials don’t care about the brand ot tread pattern.

Youre eyes are better than mine. I don’t see the cords, but the cut is deep. I’d definitely replace the tire.

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Yeah I went out and looked. I couldn’t pull the rub any further back but all I see is black rubber??

So there you go. Ask a question and half say no problem, half say replace it or use it as a spare. Take you pick I guess but if it was mine, I’d just replace it especially if you loan the thing out. Think liability if not conscience.


Just replace the tire at least . And if they are 5 years old in the desert just get 4 and be done with it. Or don’t let anyone else drive the truck . They can be house brand tires as long as they do have the correct load rate.

Just get 5 new tires, after all, tires are free aren’t they?

I get full value from my tires, tires don’t need to be replaced every 5 years, after 6 years they should be inspected for signs of aging (dry rot, cracking).

A road hazard warranty won’t replace a tire with a superficial cut therefore I would not pressure a customer to replace the same tire.

Then it is just superficial blemish. The tire does not need to be replaced. Some of the thickness of the sidewall rubber is just to protect the cords from curb damage. The only reason to replace this tire would be if it is keeping you awake at night worrying about it. A good nights sleep has value too.

Took it to the pros today. All cosmetic, said in good to go.

Thanks for all the advice guys. Learned a few things on the 4x4 tire situation

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It’s fine.