The price of changing snow tires with TPMS...OH MY!

I live in the Southern Tier / Fingerlakes crossover point. I use Subarus, but made out OK with FWD before. I personally like the Goodyear Triple Treads all season tires. I’ve never found it to make sense to buy winter tires and have crappy rims half the year, plus extra time in the shop. YMMV though. I live out in the rural area and drive 22 miles in every day on pretty hilly roads, some back roads. No problem with Triple Treads in unplowed conditions to 5 inches. More than that (unplowed) and I stay home.

TPMS sensors are NOT required in New York State and a TPMS light illuminated on your dashboard will NOT fail your car during inspection. Confirmed with several New York State inspection facilities.

I grew up in the Southern Tier and now live near Buffalo. If you live on a rural road with some hills, you definitely need winter tires. Put them on cheap steel rims, it is not an inspection item, and it will make your summer tires last longer because you won’t be using them all winter, and you won’t have to replace them early to get winter traction.

Enjoy your small town life in the Southern Tier, it is full of great people, I never would have left it ifthere had been jobs around.

I still get homesick when I see the hills, even though I have been gone so long I no longer know anyone in my hometown.