The Economics of Purchasing a Beater for a work vehicle

get some Fabreezz.

Your best advice was your first from Caddyman…Use the car you have. If smell is a consideration, trade it in for a used Ranger 4cyl pick up with a cap. You don’t need the cost of two Junkers…

Lots of good info on here, thanks. I think i’m going to just keep toughing it out in the Accord for now. I realized that @ 2 nights a week and less than 10 hours a week, I couldn’t really justify it anyway. If I’m offered a F/T slot, I may have to reconsider. I found some spray febreeze at Kroger for $4 that really helps, a lot.

I’m an active commercial pilot and have a college degree, getting ready to start flight instructing to get some hours but I won’t make a lot doing that, so i’m going to have to work a few jobs until I can be qualified for a “real” flying job. The pizza gig seems to be the only “on the side” work I can find right now.


I used to deliver for and then manage a pizzeria, which I did for more than a decade. You’d be surprised at what a mix of people worked there for primary and secondary jobs. Everyone from teens in every flavor of reliability and situation to professionals like college professors, an adult probation officer, and an air traffic controller, to name a few that I encountered. It’s a shame in my opinion that the delivery driver job is far less profitable than it used to be.

I would keep my eyes open for an old VW Rabit or Jetta Diesel if you are going to keep this job (or go full time). These motors use very little fuel at idle, and get great MPG. They run FOREVER, and are cheap to maintain. Since you are in no rush you can keep looking and wait for the right one

This job seems like a great way to get to know the area in which you live, and it’s probably not a bad wage when you consider tips. I am sure they feed you as part of the job, so be sure to factor in the cost of metamucil, antacids, and antihypertensive medications you’ll need in a few years. Sounds like you will be buying a newer car anyway in a few years so your pizza-delivery time will probably not be a big deal in the lifespan of the car. Good luck with an airline job – they are pretty cyclical so hang in there if one doesn’t come right away.