Teetotaler's car smells like pot


I’m guessing you had a close encounter with a skunk. I live in Oakland, California, and therefore I am familiar with the smell of marijuana in all its forms, and I can say with absolute certainty that a skunk can be the problem here. Someone could easily run over the squashed remains of yesterday’s skunk and bring that odor home.


Asemaster, I honestly don’t know the answer to your question. It seems, however, that it is the smell of the plant, pre-cooked.


Re: Skunk…walk around to each wheel well and stick your nose under each fender. Anything?


Skunks smell more like burnt rubber to me these days…


It seems to me that the police must be trained to recognize the marijuana odor. Ask a police officer, any officer, to take a whiff and let you know if it smells like marijuana. I agree that they should not suspect you.

It might also have been a passenger in the car that felt uncomfortable about getting caught with it while riding, and stuffed it into some recess inside the cabin.


Here is my mental picture…Que the song “CAR WASH”…Disco music, guys dancing with rags in their hands and Doobies for the workers… One gets in…lights up and takes the “Car Wash Ride”…realizes he reached the other end way too fast and ditched the remainder or dropped it…in the car.

Could happen…



If you want to get an idea of what burning pot smells like, just burn a tea bag, they smell about the same. If pot was used inside your car, there will probably be little burn marks in the upholstery and carpets.


Burning Alfalfa smells just like the real McCoy…


This might be too late to answer your q. but it may help others with the same problem. I ordered a timing belt kit for my Mitsubishi Montero Sport, couple of months ago, so the package was at my working area in small room in my backyard, every times I entered the room I noticed a strange smell, “skunky” odor like, and I was wondered, so when the time came I opened the box and found the source of odor, pot like odor from my new purchased timing belt, very strong odor, I thought the odor will go away after couple of hours when the engine gets warm enough to evaporate the chemical at timing belt, and what a big mistake I made, so after a week driving around my car smells like pot, and the odor is getting worst, many people said to me I’m smell pot, but if for any reason get pulled over by cops then I will be in big trouble, so I quit driving the car and decided to pull the timing belt out and send the entire parts back to seller and have my money back, but actually the damages is done already, I have to spend another day or so in hot climate to remove the parts and do the job again with other brand of components. By the way, English is my third languages, if I made a mistake to explain or something, you have to forgive me, I tried my best, thank you all.


Simple, take the car to the closest police station and ask them to have a K9 unit “walk” around the car.

If the arrest you then there is contraband stuffed somewhere. If all is well you are on your way home.

Oh geeh a 1 year old thread


A Valid post to an old thread, pray tell how did you come by deciding my car smells like pot, finding an old post and responding appropriately? Do not feel bad some responses are going back 5x more years than yours. Welcome to the community.


Yeah I thought this looked old. At any rate I trust the Police but I still don’t think I’d have the police look at it. I think it’s too big a chance and would be a nightmare to unravel again. Even with a jury trial, how many jurors would actually believe you? Nope, stay away from the police.

Now maybe drive to Denver and have the K9 unit there go over the car. At least then you won’t be arrested.


I would guess the dog and it’s handler would be authorized. It would be a good training opportunity for them. I would suggest making the request directly to precinct chief as they would probably be the officer who would have to authorize it anyway.


I have the same issue. Bought my mom’s 09civic off her and only when it’s real hot outside I come back from work and get in my car and it smells like weed. And I DO partake but never in my vehicle. Nor do I wear clothes that smell like weed in my car, it’s a kanundrum


Erm. I’m gonna go with, your mom smokes weed.


With some types of pot, you’re just as likely to be smelling the stench of a pungent skunk weed being transported (bit not smoked) in the car as you are to be smelling the smoke itself.

…and then there is a possibility you could be smelling an actual skunk you or your mother once hit with a car. It’s amazing how much they smell alike.