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Teenager's First Car

I would take a serious look at a Mazda3 as well as a Hyundai Elantra or Accent. Even with low mileage these cars won’t break the bank and with winter tires you will be able to get anywhere in Chicago.

A used all-wheel drive is a real crapshoot and unless you want to go into the backwoods of Wisconsin in the winter, you don’t need 4 wheel or all wheel drive.

My suggestion for a teenagers car is not going to make you like or even agree with me.

Gray, 4 cylinder, 4 door, FWD, automatic transmission sedan. Corolla, Civic, Camry, Mazda 3, Focus. Cobalt. Buy a cheaper one than your parents can afford because these cars are used and they will break and require service. And pay a mechanic to inspect it before you buy it.

Why these cars? Because they are slow, safe, not flashy, not hard to drive, very reliable, cheap to own, insure and repair. Also, you will wreck it. Don’t tell me how careful a driver your are, you WILL wreck it. Maybe even total it. Its your first car, you live in a huge metro area with heavy traffic. You WILL wreck it. I guarantee it. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear but that’s my suggestion.


Why not go the nearest CarMax. Look at the cars you like and test drive them. Then decide which car fits you and your budget. You don’t have to buy a car from CarMax, but they have a large selection of various brands and model you have everything in one place.

Don’t show those cars you know very damn well that those cars were upgraded and painted. Of course they look nice. They have capability. A honda civic vs a honda civic with turbo + body kit + spoiler + coilovers would look much nicer.

Anyway. What about honda accords? Please help, really considering a honda accord now.

I won’t get the subaru because of the problems with head gaskets. Suggestions on the honda? Mazda 3 are kinda crap though. they seem really not reliable and safe

And this opinion is based on what ? You don’t want a Civic because so many people have one. Have you not noticed just how many Accords there are? All that matters is that you find a vehicle in your parents price range and have it inspected for possible problems.

I was going to attempt to give you some helpful advice, until I realized that you are locked-into your own way of thinking and are not prone to listening to informed advice. Just in case you are interested in what I am referring to, I am referring specifically to your misconception that an Accord is a young person’s car, while a Civic is an old person’s car, and that the Mazda 3 is “kinda crap, not reliable, and not safe”.

Does anyone else want to spend the needed educational time with this poster?

No. Just the fact that they feel it necessary to use mild profanity and the (wtf) to get their point across is enough for me to say ( We are done here ).

I am definitely done with this thread.
Why should we continue to try to provide advice to someone who already knows everything regarding cars?

The imprexxa sounds fine except like you say possible head gaskets, I would think the focus would be a better choice than the others listed.

Look at a 2011 Honda Civic Coupe. Walk around it. Take it for a test drive…they’ll have to pry you out with a crow bar.


yeah i already decided on a honda probably. my dad’s friend owns a BMW dealership so he can (and already has) called in and ordered a impreza for me, the civic and is looking for an accord.

don’t need the other two idiots’ help lmao.

thanks anyway I guess. I hope you wasted your time since I just BSed everything you guys said to me.

Good rides with your whatever car, not sure if I am one of the other 2 idiots.:man_dancing:

I think you should buy a 15 year old BMW.

I don’t understand why a 17 year old would ask advice from this forum, they already know so much more than we do.


I don’t. He’s quite arrogant, rude, and disrespectful for somebody still wet behind the ears.

I actually hope the Michelin Man beats him up and takes his lunch money or at least those chipmunks driving that Nissan or Kia or whatever it is, take his nuts from him.

I’m out! Thank You and have a good life. Bless your little heart, Legoking0302!


I don’t see much to get your undies up in a bunch about. Even if I was one of the 2.

funny old man. this is the new age.

@cdaquila , can we send the kidlet to detention now?

The race cars shown above have no resemblance to the typical late model Honda Civic.

Perhaps he should build his own car out of Legos.