Tail gates with backup cameras


it seems the thieves have a new target. They are stealing tail gates from pickups that have backup cameras. The tailgate on our new Frontier can be locked which is what I do when it is not in the garage. I am sure if they are determined to take it the lock will just slow them down but it might discourage the lazy thief .


Thanks for the “heads up”. It seems that thieves will find whatever new target becomes available.


Just curious, what does the backup camera have to do with it? Do you mean their objective is to steal the camera, and the easiest way is to take the entire tailgate? Or do they want the tailgate, presumably to replace the rusty tailgate they currently have, and the tailgates with backup cameras are the easiest to steal?


Shady body shops buy them. New replacements are $1500+ bill insurance full price and repaint a stolen gate. Mine was just stolen was just over $1900 when done.


Interesting, specially since I bought my aftermarket back up camera for $18 online. Not worth manhandling a tail gate IMO.


Stolen tailgates are nothing new. They get a lot of wear and tear when used in a work truck. They’re worth their weight as scrap metal. They get damaged easily in rear end collisions. They take seconds to remove. Easy pickings.


Doesn’t need a camera. Friend’s plain tailgate was stolen recently. If yours locks, lock it!

They are stealing tail gates from pickups that have backup cameras.

Tailgates in general are being stolen at a high number. Some for the camera…some for just for the scrap metal. It’s the single biggest insurance claim issue in the US today.


There are youtube video’s about how to use a hose clamp to help secure your tailgate. Might not be as good as the aftermarket locks but at least in theory would make a thief think twice.


It’s hard for me to imagine that the camera itself is such a big deal. Maybe the combination of the two allows those who deal in these goods to supply a back up camera to those who don’t want expensive three thousand dollar packages to get them but would part with $150. That is the only reason I can think that they would be targeted. Tail gates are big rust pits…but that can easily be taken car of with a little oil squirt inside drain holes before it happens. It’s sad that thieves find money on the strangest things including easy money for scrap metal…I guess you can call it "free market thievery " .


All I know is that tailgates are in HIGH demand. Good luck getting one at the junkyard unless you’re the first there when a truck comes in.

I can see the combination of poor used availability, plus high new price, leading somebody with a dented tailgate to compromise his morals.


A ham radio operator I knew went to a Hamvention and had his car radio antenna stolen (unscrewed). Inside the hall, one table had a pile of car radio antennas for sale, so he bought a replacement. It dawned on him that he might have bought his own antenna back. You produce a demand and you have the supply.


Tailgates are the most " abused" body part in a truck. Where trucks make up a lion’s share of all vehicles sold, it makes sense.


Yes, a friend of my wife went to an out of town wedding many years ago in her Firebird. The T-tops were stolen while she was there. It was winter and she didn’t want to drive 4 hours without the T-tops. She called around and found a shop that just got a pair in. She was pretty sure she bought her T-tops back.


Without going into the entire story, many years ago I was putting a new clutch in my 59 Corvette and figured I’d wait until the next morning to stab the transmission in and button it all back up.
The next morning my 4-speed transmission was gone from the garage.

The next day a friend of mine just happened to know where a replacement was at from his out of town brother in law along with a constantly changing story. The SXX tried to sell my own transmission back to me. Least he could have done was wait until it quit smoking… :wink:
This did lead to some friction and a serious go-around with fistcuffs.


Many years ago this dealership in NH (Naults Honda) - had a tent sale at the mall across the street for the long memorial day weekend. When it was over they sent a tech over to drive the 5 vehicles that weren’t sold back to the lot. All 5 had their transaxles stolen.


Some people can be pretty bold.

Way back in the 70s when 8 tracks were the rage I had one that I had to fashion my own bracket for and it was very unique being a one of a kind. I crasahed my car…a 68 Satelite…and had spent the day stripping anything I wanted to keep.

I later went to the local bowling alley that night and was approached by this kid that wanted to sell an 8 track. I walked out to the lot and he proceded to put one after the other on the roof of his car.
When he put the fourth one on the roof, it only took me a few seconds to realize that it was the same one that I removed from my car…hours earlier. I had a couple of pretty big guys with me, so he knew he wasn’t going anywhere when I claimed my 8 track. I got my 8 track back,
Before we left him leave, we insisted that he let us see his ID in case anything else was missing.

I couldn’t believe that he parked three cars away from mine…stole my stuff and was bold enough to try selling it right there. What a dope…and that’s probasbly what he was on to be so stupid.

Turned out that there were other things missing, so the next day a couple of my buddies and I went to his house to confront him. His Grandmother said that he was at work and told us to take whatever was ours from his car. She must have dealt with this before.
We took back my property, but we also cleaned that car completely, tools…quite a few tools too…and anything else that wasn’t bolted down.We even took the spare tire and jack.

In retrospec, we probably only took other peoples stuff that he stole, but at the moment it gave us great satisfaction.



Backup cameras in tailgates are the best thing ever in aiding backing up to a trailer and dropping the hitch on a ball. Now that I have used one, i understand their value…just don’t agree with the methodology of supply.


If she knew about it, you should have informed the police about her being an accomplice to the crimes…right after you stripped the kid’s car down to the frame and left it on concrete blocks. :stuck_out_tongue:


@bscar2; I wouldn’t want to get poor ole granny in a bind.

She probably didn’t know what was in the car, but had put up with his lack of honesty enough to expect that he had been up to no good.
She could have refused us and ordered us to leave and we;d have gotten nothing back.

She was probably trying her best at raising her worthless grandson whose parents saddled ole granny with the kid because they didn’t want to take the time to instill the proper values on the kid.