Subaru Outback -MPG readout

Yeah I’ve got my dwell meter and timing light on the shelf. Geez haven’t used for what, 30 years? Last time I did drum rears, I broke my spring tool. Kept the pieces in case I want to weld it together sometime and yeah the adjusting tool-bent screwdriver thing, worthless now because the backing plates don’t have the adjusting hole anymore. Looked like you could knock it out but supposed to use a measuring tool to set the shoes. That was on my 86 Park Ave. anyway which has been gone for years. I’ve probably still got a can of paint for it though on the shelf. Gonna have to clean my paint cabinet out one of these days. Last time I cleaned it out I found a can of paint for my 59 Pontiac. Canyon Copper, DuPont Acry. Laq. Think I paid about $5 for it 40 years ago. Fire hazard.

My sister just took all the aerosol paint cans to the dump. Fire hazard locked up in a tin cabinet? She wanted to throw out the bar oil for my chain saw, 90 weight gear lube for the boat etc. “Lightening could hit it!” I am like when is the last time you heard of lightening blowing up a gas tank, like in our little or big boat, or a lawnmower left outside much less anything stored in a shed. A bit sensitive to this fire hazard theme right now. Was there a fake news story or something recently?

Naw, I just get monthly emails from my insurance agent on how to stay safe is all. Plus I’m out of room for paint storage and keep adding more.

You have just made my day, Keith! I have a 2016 Outback Premium and just in the past couple of days the MPG readout started getting wonky. I’m so glad I found this thread. I followed your advice, changed the A & B trip odometers to zero, then played with the thingies (technical term) on the left bottom side of the steering wheel - now all is back to normal and I can’t thank you enough!! I spent several hours trying to research this yesterday and just got more and more frustrated. No one on those sites had any clue. You are a rock star and I thank you for saving me a trip to the dealer and probably lots of $$$. Thanks from a 70 year old retired woman (who does read manuals). For those in the thread who assumed some of us are lazy, sometimes you just need a helping hand where to look or that there may be multiple steps to solve a problem. I’m happy to have joined this community - I love my Outback but odd little things will always come up. Now I know where to check first! From Annie

Changed my 2016 Subaru Outback battery last week and the MPG info went blank. I searched the owners manual for this info and could not find it. They hid it well! Thanks for finding it.

we have a 2010 Subaru outback it’s a 4-cylinder and I’m just wondering if it has a light on that comes on when we should be changing our oil. I see that it says that it comes on when the oil pressure is low and low on oil but I wanted to know if the light came on for oil changes?

No, Subaru does not have that feature.

From what I’m understanding the manual suggests synthetic oil and should be changed every 7500 miles. Is that accurate?

We own a 2011 Subaru Outback, and it does not have an oil change reminder light. We run 7000 miles on synthetic. I believe the owner’s manual says 7500 is OK. Synthetic came highly recommended, so I complied with that recommendation.

Very good thank you

It should say 7500 miles or a certain number of months . Of course you can change sooner if it makes you feel better.

We learned slide rules in the 6th grade advanced education class. 1963/64. I have no clue how to use one now although I can still use a non digital Vernier caliper. Ha, Ha! Spellcheck does not recognize “Vernier”. I verified spelling by looking at my caliper’s case.

It sounds like Engineers writing instructions for other Engineers while failing to notice the title of the publication is ‘Owner Manual’.

The readout for average mpg since it was reset (which I do after each fillup) is still reasonably accurate on my 2014 outback.