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Spark plugs for a Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 with ~ 120K miles

The dealer wants ~$350 to change spark plugs on this vehicle. Do these need changing? If so, what should it cost in San Jose, CA? Thanks, Susan

Check your owner’s manual, but I suspect yes. See what is recommended for 120K maintenance service. 120K is the longest interval I have seen recommended for spark plugs so far. Cost varies according to area, so call a couple of independent garages you trust/come recommended by friends and see what they say. West and East Coast tend to have higher labor prices on these services.

You are overdue to change the plugs. What other work is included in the quote?

Thanks for your post. I called an independent garage which I am familiar with. They had never changed plugs on a hybrid before, & were not familiar with the lay out of the car – couldn’t quote without seeing the vehicle. I have called several other known, independent, garages for work on this car, & they don’t seem to have any familiarity with working on them. Until I find an independent, looks like I’m stuck with the dealerships.

None! Thanks for your comments.

While the hybrid appears to have one of those covers over the engine, I’m aware of nothing that would make plug replacement different than a regular one. Can you drop by one of the mechanics for them to take a quick look?

Thanks for commenting. Good suggestion. I received a recall for the IMA software, so I’m going to have to go to the dealer anyway this time, I think. I will take the car by an independent to see what services they could offer for the future.

Yes, that cost seems way out of line. It isn’t like you have a V6, which would make the spark plugs harder to get to.