Spare tire explodes

Well, let’s not forget that…
Anything and everything that one fails to comprehend simply MUST be the result of a vast conspiracy!.


That seems to be something that you lack the ability to do .

You may want to keep in mind Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s observation that “you are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts.” Failing to distinguish between the two is never a good idea.


I agree with you, but lots of people these days don’t.

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Tire manufactures have changed the rubber being used to make tires, they age quickly now.

This tire is 5 years old, note the dry rot;

The spare tire for my Jeep is 25 years old, no cracks;

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I had this happen to a two-year-old General tire that was hanging under the bed of my pickup. Sometimes it is just a bad tire. In your case I would not worry about why a 20-year tire comes apart.