Someone tampered with my car - why?

@Kore I’m really curious now

Can you please explain more about your thoughts in regards to the air injection system?

I know it’s needed for emissions purposes

But I can’t think of any vehicle out there that will not start if the system isn’t working

By the way, are you absolutely sure your exact car even has air injection?

Not every model year of a particular body style has all the same emissions equipment. And the fuse box label may have stuff listed that your car doesn’t even have, and never did

I can think of any number of vehicles, where one model year had air injection, and the next year did not

As said before, air injection has nothing to do with proper abs operation

i think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself

As suggested, I think some total idiot broke into your car. Maybe they didn’t even intend to steal it. Maybe they were just out to vandalize your car

Don’t assume it was your enemy, either. You have no proof, as far as I know

Why do you think “they” were after the emergency brake? Does your car have an emergency brake lever, rather than a pedal?

I’m going to have to remain skeptical about a vandalism claim due to the oddities and lack of relevant information.

The OP needs to have a muffler shop check for leaks soon since they smell exhaust. They have not answered weather the car was broke into or left unlocked.

I doubt that vandalism is involved.

I think some teenage boy met up with a girl and they did the horizontal mombo in your car. Her foot was on this moulding by the E-brake and it gave way.

There my be a gang of thieves in your city. Fuse and relay thieves are out there among us. pulling the ABS fuse would do you no harm…your brakes would still work, just not the antilock feature on ice or snow.

There are hundreds of better ways to vandalize a car and none of these damages…added together would cause a control or safety issue or do you any harm. Just a broken part.

Maybe the moulding has been broken for a long time but never noticed.
Someone may have had the fuse for their tail lights blow at 3Am…your car was unlocked and they swiped the fuse to get home.


@Yosaemite Thanks for bringing that up!

A few years ago, there were a few vans in our fleet that had the strangest interior pieces broken

We were wondering how the heck anybody could ever manage to break such and such

Then it dawned on me, that the only way possible was if somebody was using such and such as a grab handle, and got a little carried away . . .

I replaced the broken stuff. And when the young man came by to pick up the van after the repair, I told him “next time you want to spend lunch hour with your girlfriend, don’t go inside the van”

He just smiled and didn’t say anything

Some will scrounge what they need

You should have told us in the original post that you were an English teacher. Every boy in my school hated English and naturally that transfers to the teacher that makes them read poems and write essays.

I now believe your car was vandalized, the only thing I can’t figure out is why you consider it a mystery.

^“Well, I really wanted to vandalize Nathaniel Hawthorne’s car…but I guess this is ‘good enough’.”

Someone pulled my air pump relay fuse.

I looked in my emission control application guide, the 2000 Volvo V70 does not have an air pump. The slot in the fuse/relay box is for the S80/6 cylinder models.

The phantom could not have removed your air pump fuse, that slot was always empty.

When I was in 10th grade, I really wanted to vandalize the car of whoever wrote Beowulf.
Then, I discovered that time travel wasn’t yet possible…

When I was in 10th grade, I really wanted to vandalize the car of whoever wrote Beowulf. Then, I discovered that time travel wasn't yet possible...

I hated Beowulf too, gave me a headache.

…and then there was The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
We actually had to recite long passages–from memory–of this epic poem.
Talk about headaches!

If Coleridge had owned a car, I think that many young people would have wanted to vandalize it.


“The phantom”

here is the guy that’s been vandalizing OP’s car

I just feel sorry for whatever student the OP has bestowed “villian” status upon. He has to be scratching his head, trying to figure out where, exactly he went wrong, as his English teacher indulges whatever grandiose paranoid delusion tendencies that cause her to hound the poor kid!

Actually I tolerated “Beowulf” pretty well–it was, after all, an “action” story! It also was neat to learn how societies without written language lean on meter, rhyme, and melody to make memorized mythology easier to remember, verbatim, …and continued to be used up through the "traveling minstrel"era.

“The Scarlet Letter,” OTOH…dreck! Unbearably DULL–pretty dang hard to pull off for a story that centers around adultery(!)–and Mr. Hawthorne thinks he’s soo CLEVER for naming the characters “Chillingsworth” and “Dimsdale.” I mean, I wasn’t actually expecting Hester Prynne Does Salem…but I certainly wasn’t expecting THAT!

@Nevada_545 wins the prize. No relay, no theft, no tampering.

If by chance the OP is still following this I wonder if they’re prepared to accept the obvious or become disgruntled and not believe it.