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Should you buy a tesla?

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@antonioglanville97 didn’t read the rules before posting did you?

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Hi i’m not promoting anything im just building a conversation on why i think you should buy a tesla since its my favorite type of car

The distinction comes in if you are affiliated with the website promoted.

Your post reads like an advert and links like an advert.

If it looks like a duck…

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If it looks like a duck…


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Bro i am so sorry on how it looks i just wanted to sound a little proper i guess,but im a real tech and car lover and i started a youtube channel on that sort of stuff so i thought i would share since im new,Im realy sorry again on how it looks,but its surely not an ad or any promo for tesla.

Which is exactly my point. You started a YouTube channel, a commercial venture, that you are sharing on a site that doesn’t allow adverts or promotion.


Ok bro got you,thanks for informing me

To answer your original question, there might be a place for that truck, but that place is not in my garage.

Hi @antonioglanville97 and welcome to the board. We do usually ask that people not advertise their (or others’) ventures on the site. If you took out the link I’d be willing to let this go. I am all for more discussion here, and I don’t want to kick you out if you really are an enthusiast who wants to talk about cars.

Carolyn . Can’t you use your Thors hammer and remove the link ?

No, I should not buy a Tesla, I thing that pure electric cars are silly except in limited circumstances, however hybrids eliminate almost all my objections except that I don’t like increasing complexity.


I’d rather look at the mainstream manufacturers offerings, saw the mach-E in person the other night driving by and know someone with a new Kia Niro EV that’s getting better than expected range even with winter temps. Tesla has a cult following but the quality isn’t what you’d expect for the money.

Agreed. I’d love to own a Model S, if I could count on it to be built well. For awhile there I was considering it, but then bad news kept coming out.

Unfortunately, Musk is a lot more interested in being able to brag that he pumped out a huge number of cars than he is in making sure those cars don’t have significant build flaws. That combined with some of the over-the-top shady business practices Tesla keeps getting caught at makes me not want to get one.

Also as a pure protest stance, I’m reluctant to give money to a guy who’s such a raging jerk that he publicly accused the rescuer of children trapped in a cave of being a pedophile merely because that guy didn’t use the weird rescue device Musk sent over during the rescue.

At this point the best I can say about Tesla is that they spearheaded an electric car perception revolution where the public no longer saw them as nerdy little junk-boxes that were slow and had atrocious range and creature comforts, and instead saw them as cool, desirable, high-performance vehicles. That directly accelerated the movement for other, mainstream car companies to offer EVs.

The link was removed, and I see no reason why the balance of the post can’t be cleared for view.

No, I would not buy a Tesla. Reliability is poor. The big info screen was, and maybe still is, a standard tablet-type screen and fades out quickly. Several people ordered one, and almost got what they ordered. They received a car with the wrong options, wrong color. I understand they often kept them because waiting for what they actually ordered would take so long that they decided it wasn’t worth it. Did they learn their management practices for Lada?

The local EV Superfan who used to drive one of those little 3wheel pickup’s that couldn’t go on roads with more than a 35mph limit now has a Kia Niro EV and couldn’t be more impressed with how well it’s made and works. The Tesla model 3’s he has checked out locally shocked him with how poorly they were put together for the price. He’s more excited about the Ford and other EV’s coming to market even if you have to go through a traditional dealer to buy them.

Yeah. My wife drives a 2012 Veloster with just over 100k on it. Still in great shape, no problems, looks almost new. But she’s said many times that if Hyundai made an electric Veloster, she’d buy one tomorrow. They’re doing some good stuff with EV’s over there at Hyundai/Kia.

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Q: Should you buy a Tesla?

A: No. While I have considered buying an electric car, to use for local trips (driving to work/shopping), a Tesla is too expensive and has too many “high tech” features that I don’t want. From time to time, I see a used Mitsubishi i-Miev offered for sale, maybe someday I will buy one. It would, of course, have to be the version which uses a physical key and has an in-dash AM/FM/CD player, not the higher trim level which has push-to-start, keyless entry, and a touchscreen stereo with no CD capability.