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Should i trade in a clunker for a prius

Thanks for the question. I don’t know about the hybrid tax credit - I thought they were all gone.

So, you like the Fusion?

My husband is really concerned about my trading in a large luxury vehicle for something small - and he worries about comfort and safety

I have a hard time envisioning city driving in Central Virgina, unless you mean Richmond. I tend to think of Charlottesville as Central VA, though. If it is Richmond, they a hybrid might make sense. I’m not convinced that a hybrid is appropriate anywhere else in the state, except Norfolk or Northern Virginia.

I also have been wanting to “do my part” environmentally - and when the Gov. offers me $4500 for the old boat, it is rather tempting.

Doing your part may just be living with as economical mode of transportation as possible which may or may not include a Prius. I wouldn’t look at a Prius as an automatic entry to “conservation” heaven…only if it happen to serve your needs otherwise. And as with all choices, take long drives and try to duplicate the use you will give it to avoid surprises.

In my opinion, that’s the best way to “do your part”. Buy an SUV if you have a need, buy a Prius if you have a need. If everyone based their car choices upon needs instead of whims, we’d all be “doing our part”.