Should I replace frequent burning out H11 Halogens with LED?

He was such a great contributor here. I vaguely remember reading he had passed. How was this verified?

It was not possible to verify, but given his history of multiple heart attacks plus other health issues, I think we have to accept that this long-term very valuable contributor to the forum is no longer with us.
If he is still alive, he is clearly not able to communicate with us.


Yes rest in peace.

What I will add from over the last two years is that when I replaced my last set, the right bulb went out in about a week. So I bought a new $50 set and when I went to replace them I noticed the socket for the right one was a little burned. I spread the connections a little and the bulb worked again. So I bought a new connector and it has been hanging on my work bench along with a new set of bulbs for nearly two years. I never bothered to actually test the bulbs before. So just a word of caution to check the sockets. It may not be the bulb.

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Almost. A post (above) got trapped as spam, but it wasn’t. Just offering a suggestion for posterity.

It wasn’t

it’s merely an educated guess

This is an extremely common problem with the GM vehicles in our fleet, of various models and model years. So common, in fact, that we keep several of the appropriate pigtails in stock.

It has not been verified.
One heated argument too many is what caused Mountainbike to leave, per his words.

The story line that he passed grew out of an assumption that his leaving was related to his having some health issues over the years. That feels like a stretch to me.

You sure you’re not confusing him with @Irlandes . . . ?!

And those heated arguments were with ME . . . I’ll be the first to own up to it.

@Irlandes wrote an “open letter” describing why he was leaving

I don’t recall mountainbike ever doing that


@db4690 Mountainbike was much briefer, but he did make a statement in a thread that he was fed up, and that was his last post or discussion. I didn’t do the research, but this came up I believe in old mopar man’s thread.


I really don’t pay attention to heated arguments much and I really don’t recall a conflict with either one of them. Quite possible but just don’t remember. I do kinda remember Mountainbike being pretty set on one particular subject but don’t remember what it was. I don’t think anyone should take the blame or credit one way or another. It’s quite common here for people to have a similar opinion and strongly defend it.

Edit: I’d better pull that back. I may have been confusing him with Joseph. I did see an obit but can’t say for sure now if it was Joseph or mountainbike. It came up once or twice before though.

Mountainguy choked on those capped lug nuts after he discovered that he had them on his own car, they are commonly use on Toyota products.

Too bad if that’s all it was. Not even worthy of drum brakes vs. disc brakes.

My BIL’s dad of advanced age lived in a small town and had coffee and played cards with his buddies. He expressed a strong opinion on a particular subject too often and got thrown out of the group. They let him back in after a month but geeze folks gotta have a little tolerance both ways.

How do you figure that?

With few exceptions, none of us knows each other’s real name

Any possibility it wasn’t his opinion, but the way he stated it . . . ?!

There’s a guy at work who has has opinions which are diametrically opposed to mine. But the way he expresses them are pleasant enough. And that’s probably why we get along very well.

I dunno. I remember seeing an obit a while back. I hope I wasn’t confusing him with Joseph the tyre guy.

That would be Joseph Meehan, one of the most prolific members years ago.


I do remember the open letter that Irlandes wrote describing why he was leaving.

Mountainbike never wrote a lengthly letter. It was a thread that called his skill into question. The last back-n-forth replies, including the one where he said “I’m done here” seem to have been deleted.

Yes, a few of us were able to locate the obituary for the late Mr. Meehan.

That one wouldn’t be hard because we knew his name. Mountainbike would be difficult without the name, although he said he lived in Southern New Hampshire. I’d guess Durham, since he worked at a university. Based on how he described work, I’d guess UNH. You might search obits in Durham, NH if you are interested, around the time he stopped posting.

I used to have his work email, and IIRC, it was a 2 year college.
Of course, he retired long ago, so that email address wouldn’t be valid any longer.
But, if I could find it, the email address would provide a clue as to his name.
My recollection is that it was of French origin.