Should i even try to fix this?

Not all luxury models had 4wd bc mine doesn’t and it’s the luxury model. I ran kbb before I bought it and yes had it not suffered this type of damage it would be between 4 to 8k

Yea, I keep getting mixed messages. I can do most of the mechanic work myself. I plan on buying a car this weekend bc I’ve been wanting an upgrade anyway but I really do love this car. I guess we’ll see what happens.

At any rate I guess I would agree with the others that it is probably best to part with it. However when I hit a deer with my Riviera, two body shops rated it a total loss because parts would not be readily available. (The one shop gave me a link or two to go looking though.) So I took the money for the total, found the parts, fixed it myself and was certified again for full insurance. Took the rest of the money and went to Europe and put another 100,000 or so on it. So depending on your skills, help, and determination, up to you.

The movement of the engine and drive shaft would concern me the most and as OK says if you’ve got frame or bent tower damage, that would complicate things. I guess I’d have a shop take a good look at those before you decide. Paint is not cheap now though.

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How exactly does a vehicle purchased one year ago have “sentimental value” that would justify spending thousands in repair costs with a high probability of ongoing problems? If you had owned this since new, or it had been purchased new by your now deceased parent or other relative, maybe “sentimental value” could be justified. But this was just an ordinary used car one year ago, and should be replaced with another ordinary used car now.


It seems to me that the Suzuki will likely have a salvage title after it is fixed. Maybe you should consider salvage value rather than the value for a Grand Vitara in excellent condition.


Since you make no mention of insurance, I have to assume there is no collision coverage on the vehicle.

Financially, your best bet is to get scrap value for the car, and walk away. Alternately, you can eek more money out of it by parting it out but there is likely to be little demand for the parts, and there is the issue of storing and dismantling it. The car clearly has extensive damage and would totaled by an insurance company (if you have coverage, of course). Without the use of expensive equipment to ensure everything is aligned properly, the car will never come close to being the same.

I doubt she will be back for more advice. Chased another one away.

Concider the post she had flagged and removed by the moderators good riddance.

Wow. Just east of Sioux Falls is a small city with a name that shall remain unspoken. They have their own exit, football team among others. Don’t go there and spoil it for the kids.

It was a replacement for a vehicle that my late grandfather purchased for me when I had my son. The first one was stolen and wrecked. I worked hard to be able to buy another one and I’d been searching for the right one for 4 years. I finally felt like I had a piece of my grandfather back. That’s how it has sentimental value. Jesus you all are critical of everything. Good thing I put little to no stock in criticism of my beliefs, values, morals, or feelings when they come from absolute strangers. I can’t imagine living my life making decisions on what to do based on my feelings being hurt.

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Most members here are too lazy to get up out of the chair to repair a vehicle. The resale value of the vehicle is only an excuse for not making an effort to replace the strut, control arm and wheel.

I don’t focus on the resale of a vehicle that I plan to drive for the next ten years.

Yesterday the advise was that because used car prices are high, it is better to repair your old car. Today it is stated that a used car is cheaper than repairing one.


Why would anyone replace a deployed airbag with another deployed airbag ? :grinning:


So the insults continue. Don’t bring politics into the discussion, it’s that simple.


Used, as in undeployed bag from a wrecked car.


Not that it would provide definitive answers, how about some pictures of the damage, including some underhood shots? Losing the attitude would be nice, too, Then we can all just focus on car stuff.



They sell the steering wheel with an undeployed airbag. Who said it would be deployed???

Don’t ask what country I’m from. It shouldn’t matter. If you ask I’m going to answer with MY truth. I didn’t ask for legal advice, or insurance advice, or anything else other than is it fixable.

Where you live is important for us to guess at the cost to fix your car. Much of that is what needs to be fixed to register it legally after the repairs are made. I don’t see a need to get defensive about that issue yet. @texases hasn’t shown any interest in demeaning anyone because of where they live or any other characteristic that is out of the poster’s control.


No, I was offended that you introduced politics into the discussion for no reason. I asked what country you’re from because we get questions from South America, South Africa, Europe, Asia, all over, and your car is available in many places besides the US. The answer to your question is affected by where you live. It’s that simple. Why did you take it some other way?