Should I buy a new transmission + converter or should I buy only a converter + fix the transmission of my FJ Cruiser?


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First of all edit your post and remove the profanity which will get you flagged. Second this is a financial decision that only you can make because we don’t know what country you are in. I can’t imagine a 10 year old vehicle with that many miles being worth 25000.00 in USD.

Why is the mechanic not fixing his mistake ?


Yes, please edit. I don’t get the numbers, but ignoring the additional zeros, you always replace the converter with a transmission job, lest the converter goes south and blows particles into the transmission again requiring another overhaul. Whether you have the transmission overhauled or buy a new one depends on whether or not there is someone competent to do it. Normally transmissions are overhauled for the $2-3000 range, but new is always an option.

However, all that said, maybe just dump the vehicle now and don’t put anything in it. Why fix it at some expense, only to dump it a little later? Just do it now.


If I were planning on selling it anyway, I think I’d put the least amount of money into it as possible to get it running and driving.


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I will keep this short. My mechanicdamaged my converter and now I need to fix the situation. I took my FJ Cruiser to Toyota in my country, and they gave me 2 options:

Buy new converter + transmission. This option costs me around $5500 (This includes taxes, shipping, etc from another country)

Buy a new converter + fix transmission. This costs around $2500-$3000

My FJ cruiser has 10 years and 2550000 KMS, an obviously after this I am planning to sell it.

What should I do?


If you’re selling it anyway, take the cheapest option, in my opinion. Going to keep it for awhile? I might just go all new depending on the price difference, which you mentioned, but I can’t read anymore because you dropped the f bomb and got flagged :grin:


A Toyota FJ with two million - five hundred and fifty five thousand Kilometers on it is not worth much.


I’d guess the OP added one too many zeros and he means 255,000 km, or about 150,000 miles. But if it is 2,550,000 km then he put on 150,000 miles per year, and I doubt he ever left the FJ.


Unless this is a fairly new vehicle I wouldn’t use dealership to fix this problem. Better option (both in results and in expense) to seek help from a good independent local transmission shop. Ask your regular mechanic who they recommend for transmission work, as in “which tranny shop would you use for your own car?”.

Without knowing more about this nature of this problem, if I had to choose based on guess-work, I’d choose the lower cost option. Transmissions can be repaired in a way that makes them even better than they came from the factory.


I got the distinct impression that the country he is in does not have a wealth of qualified independent repair shops, especially for transmissions. The dealer can be a safer bet.