Self recharging car


For some reason, using a generator to power an electric motor is more efficient than an internal combustion engine. The volt should get better fuel economy when using the generator than a comparable internal combustion engine car.

Just look at RV motorhomes for some insight. For some reason, RVers get better fuel economy running their roof air conditioner off a generator than they do running the air conditioner that is installed in the engine compartment.

I guess the reason might have to do with specialization. Most internal combustion engines have to perform many tasks (pushing the car, charging the battery, turning the fan, and power for the brakes, steering, computer, spark plugs, etc.), while a generator only has to do one job (charging the batteries), and can be designed to do that one specific task efficiently.



The gas engine in he Volt can be set for maximumm efficiency and a steady speed. That will result in the lowest Specific Fuel Consumption , measured in Lbs/brake

The electric motor in the Volt will be very efficient al all speeds.



The Chinese company BYM is putting an electric car on the market, first in China, this year for $22,000. The company already manufactures all manner of high tech batteries for computers, cell phones, etc. They are the acknowledged low cost producer, beating both Japan and Korea, and I won’t be surprised if GM licenses their technology for the Volt.

Regardless of what Obama wants, the Chinese will beat us to a practical, affordable electric car. They will have more problems with the car reliability part than the battery part.