School Bus Safety


Yeah they use those arms and now blind spot mirrors. Little kids are hard to see in front of a bus.


I have decided state legislators (lawmakers) are idiots. School busses should always block the traffic lane(s). In my state they are not allowed to block a bicycle lane! A spandex clad Lance Armstrong wannabe at 25mph is not going to injure a child? As far as I am concerned a school bus with red lights flashing means all traffic stops until the lights are turned off.


That’s one of those things that seems like a good idea until you realize that people suck:

If the bus pulls to the center of the road to block cars from passing, all that does is make a bigger illegal passing lane for the jerk who passes to the passenger side of the bus, which is where the kids are most likely to be.


Calling her an idiot is an insult to clinically diagnosed idiots as she is far more impaired. A couple years ago there was a video on the news that was recorded by the school bus camera which was aimed toward the boarding doors. Two young children a boy and girl start toward the open bus doors then jump back as a white mini van or small SUV passes the bus on the right! There is something terribly wrong with a driver who would do this.


That might have been Minnesota or another case but it was a step van at least if I remember right. They did catch the guy here though and I don’t remember what his excuse was but think he couldn’t stop in time. So it was either head on in the on-coming lane, rear end the bus, or hit the right shoulder. Folks just have to pay more attention and leave more space. Here anyway, the buses stop in the driving lane but man those kids go all over the place so I always stay way back and wait until the bus is well clear where the kids were dropped off. In the large space between being born and death, a couple extra minutes behind a bus is really meaningless.


The video I saw was not local and was a white mini-van or small SUV (Ford Escape or Toyota RAV-4 size). They were also caught. School busses, city busses, subways, and taxis are now loaded with video cameras. As far as waiting a couple minutes. Last year I met my Grandson’s school bus and as usual he was the only child getting off at that stop. It took about 30 seconds. An oncoming driver who had stopped for the bus with a female in the front passenger seat and two kids in the back screamed at the bus driver “Thanks for taking so long to drop off one f***ing kid”! What a wonderful parent and role model! Welcome to the ME! ME! ME! FIRST generation!


Ah, I think they just mimic Hollywood. They think that’s real life.