Safer place to use cell phone

I do not think cell phone use is safe while driving period. But I may be wrong with what I told a friend recently. She leaves the house for work and talks to her mother while driving city streets and a two lane highway. When she gets to the turnpike she puts the phone away. She says it is safer in town than on the turnpike because she is going faster. I say if she must talk on the phone at least on the turnpike she could set cruise, stay in the outside lane and only have watch in front of herself and check the rearview mirror.

This is absolutely backwards as far as I’m concerned.

First of all I hope she’s using a hands-free or bluetooth. Actually holding a phone while driving is illegal where I live.

Second, I would think city streets are far more dangerous for a distracted driver. Driver running a red light, kid chasing a ball, dog running out in front of you, delivery truck backing up, etc. Once you’re on a limited access highway most of these things are out of the picture.

I think the turnpike would be a safer place to talk on the phone. I suppose you could run into a car that had stopped in the middle of a thru lane to go duck watching but that’s just crazy.

I agree with asemaster.
Ideally, nobody would be using a hand-held cellphone anywhere, but if you compare the accident rates on city streets with those of expressways, you will find that expressways are far safer.

The lack of traffic lights, stop signs, and cross streets automatically produces fewer chances for collisions on an expressway. Also, the absence of cars coming out of parking lots or slowing down for turns makes for fewer collision possibilities on an expressway.

It MIGHT be safer if driving on streets if the highway you drive is very very crowded and at high speeds.

But in general it’s safer on the highway. Driving in city traffic - there are a lot more things you have to be aware of even at lower speeds…like a little kid running out in front of you. Almost all cell-phone accidents here in New England where someone was killed or severely injured was NOT on the highway. Someone ran a red-light, or someone missed the curve, or someone didn’t see the other car…etc…etc…all while talking on their cell.

Yes, it’s safer to talk on the phone on a limited access highway. There are fewer hazards that require your attention.

I agree with everyone that highways are safer than streets for talking on a cell phone.

As far as it being safe to talk on cell phones while driving, it all depends on the person and their priorities. Many people drive unpredictably when talking on cell phones, even when using bluetooth, because they prioritize the call.

I have bluetooth installed in my car, but driving is always priority number 1 when I’m talking to someone. When more things are happening around me (traffic lights, cars turning on and off a street) I might drag on a word for a few seconds, or have a delay in answering, or even a delay in getting to thinking about a question that is asked.

When people have phone conversations while driving, at least one of the activities has to be detrimentally effected. I prefer to inconvenience whoever I am talking to instead of all the other drivers around me.

The safer method is usually not even thought of by either the caller or the answerer.
A new phone etiquette must be employed.

— When you’re driving and either placing or answering a call…preface the entire conversation with words like this…’‘I’m driving, I may need to break away.’’ ----

The person on the other end MUST learn to be patient with the conversation or else you just hang up on them. My kids are impatient this way and I do …hang up on them ! ( especially to stress the importance to my learning driver )

I determined long ago there was only one safe place for me to use my cellphone. Legally Parked.