Restoring stale gasoline

And you would be uniquely qualified to judge that…



I saw an old Rawhide show on MeTV the other day, in response to his trail boss’s (can’t remember his name) instructions, Clint responded “you can do it without me then”. Even way back he was his own man and I think he still has all his marbles.

Apparently he was missing a few to start with.

To be fair, Eastwood is still a great director and a good actor. I’m a genuine fan of his work, especially Gran Torino.*

Letters from Iwo Jima showed he has range as a director.

*- I’m keeping it car-related. :wink:

Ummmm…I hope you realize that he was merely reciting from a script that he had memorized…


You mean it wasn’t real life? I’m crushed.



It is now 2019 and I really enjoyed reading this thread! I wonder what ever happened to the 1 gallon of bad gas from 2014 and if the OP still has it in his garage.

Deleted response.

That has to be the best 30 minutes in my life that ice spent reading a feed about refreshing old gas. You yankies are hilarious.
Regarding one of the earlier comments, I’m not going to scroll all the way back up to see who wrote it and neither am I going to attempt to quote it. But the comment stating gasoline can be made out of almost any oil based product, I just find it funny that they can make gasoline out of so many things and yet they can’t make gasoline out of old gssoline. I’m sure there must be a viable way of refreshing old gas, also regarding another comment. It scares me how difficult its becoming to get rid of dangerous chemicals and materials as judging by the state of my neighbourhood I’m sure there’s plenty of careless people whose simply pour there old gas down the drain contaminating the water supply. And considering how our water supply smells I’m sure all kinds of chemicals have gone down our drainage system and so its really no wonder so many people have cancer these days regardless of where they live. Anyway keep it up guys. This feed was more entertaining than any of the soaps on tely lol.

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There is, it’s the same way you refresh milk that has gone sour.


You responded to a thread that has been dead for over 7 years. But keep it up, it’s entertaining.