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Replacing a bumper cover and windshield washer reservoir

I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla XLE and need to replace the front bumper cover and windshield washer reservoir. I am pretty handy is it possible for me to do this myself?

Oh I almost forgot. This afternoon when I started it after work the Maintenance Required light was on. Is it possible that the light is on because of the Windshield Washer Reservoir? Please say yes.

The maintenance required light is almost certainly a timed occurance based on days or miles and regularly scheduled service. The bumper cover on all cars I am familiar with are pretty much a matter of finding all the screws and twist pins and removing them without damaging them and finding all the holes to reinstall them. The actual bumper itself, often a piece of reinforced styrofoam, may need to be remove also but it’s just as simple. With patience, a clean and safe place to work, basic tools and some mechanical ability you should find success in a couple of hours… Life is GOOD. Enjoy.

A one year old car and you have to do this work alredy?


The maintenance light on my wife’s 06 Sienna comes on every 5000 miles (oil change interval). At 4500 miles the light stays on a little longer after each engine start to remind the driver an oil change is due soon. The procedure to reset the light is in the Owner’s manual. This should not be confused with the Check Engine Light (CEL).

Ed B.