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Repair or sell Subaru Forester?

I have a 2001 Subaru Forester with similar story, minus the accident. Presently, my Forester is sitting in a friend’s garage while I puzzle over what to do. I can’t seem to find a replacement driveline from a junkyard. I found a 1999 version that was supposed to fit but was two inches too long. My part was sent to several different places to be fixed but is too broken. Three places said it could not be fixed. A brand new driveline costs $700. I also have a broken viscous coupler (though I’ve been driving around like that for a couple of years) and I’m still on my original clutch. Oh, and it eats (doesn’t leak- it just disappears) a quart of oil per week at times, requiring constant vigilance. I just paid this car off 8 months ago and do not look forward to having a car payment again. What do you think? Should I fix it?