Puzzling Electrical Issue for Saturn 2008 Vue


Had a friend with not exactly but similar problem, power steering leak onto serpentine belt, car was fine around town but many times on her 45 mile commute the car would die.

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You would not like trying to live with the vehicles that were made 50 years ago .

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Drove them 50 years ago, and loved them then. The two advancements I’ll take are suspension, and how quiet inside the cabs are. I recently rented a car (new Impala) and the blindspot and lane drift warnings were too much to bear. It’s battery went dead in a parking lot and stranded me. But thanks for the spirited conversation—so very happy I figured the problem out.


A simple fix to a frustrating problem. Glad you found the answer to the problem. Thanks for the update. Drive On!

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ANOTHER UPDATE: As it turns out, it failed one more time. My mechanic gave up, but sent me to an electrical issue specialist. It did, in fact act up so he was able to trace and diagnose it; it was the negative battery clamp—apparently was poorly made and not making contact. He replaced it with a heavy-duty marine clamp, and all is well. Thanks again.

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It’s the simple things in life that make it great.

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What did it end up being? I am having the samr issue with my wife’s saturn vue. I recently had the engine harness replaced and ig worked really well for about 3 weeks, then starting having the issue again. Im going to replace the ecm now as i know all i need to do is tap on the ecm/wiring harness area and it starts right back up. Battery is fine, all terminals and wires are clean. Becoming a frustrating problem.


Any issues since this???


Before replacing the ECU I would make sure that the trouble isn’t within the wire harness or the connectors. I would suspect that area before the ECU.

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Going to try a new negative terminal as Paul suggested (Way cheaper.) Was hoping to see if he has had any issues since switching.


So I’ve been dealing with this problem for over a year now. And I got lucky one time where I took it in for a diagnostic 3 times and the last time I took it after they couldn’t find anything wrong and released the car back to me, was straight dead 3 mins after the mechanic pulled the Vue around front for me. He was then able to diagnose it to be a fault ground to the power block. Which helped for quite some time. But I’m now facing the same issue again. At first my mother was able to bring life back to the vue by messing with the wires atop of the battery connected to the ECM. But now I can only get it to turn in by adjusting the ground wire into the Fuse Box.


Also now my TPS is randomly coming on…