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Proper tire pressure for bus/RV?

They are split rim. Today we put on a 22.5 wheel (with no tire mounted) just to check if the bolt pattern was the same before I ordered six of them.

The bolts fit perfectly, but it looks like there won’t be enough clearance between the tire and the air brake on the front wheels, especially if the tire comes out a little bit past the rim.

Are the 22.5 WIDER than the 10R20s?

What else could I try? Would it be possible to go to a nine inch wheel?

22.5" truck tires have a different sizing system than 20" truck tires. The functional equivalent for a 10.00-20 is 11-22.5 - and it requires a 7.50" or a 8.25" rim. So, no, don’t go with a 9" rim.

Plus you want to make sure the offset is good for 11-22.5’s. They require a 12.50" dual spacing - and in this case, more is OK, smaller is not!