Prius vs Prius Prime

2017 Prius Prime with rear seats up, Takes up some space but what’s there looks more usable than some other plug in hybrids out there.

Angle of the photo also has an impact/
I took the photo in mid day - it gives a different perspective. Well I posted cu ft earlier.

Prius batteries are easily and cheaply re-conditioned when it goes bad. So not noticeable. A lot of them have done like we did timing belt, but pays over $1k

When it ages, mpg drops to 39 to 42. It is not going to last 300miles and 30yrs like ICE.

Suppose if I get a mazda 3, it will do 300miles and 30yrs and still give closer to the original mpg of 40 on freeway.

Underneath the vehicle’s floor, there is an 18.1 kWh battery pack for EV mode. Beneath the floor of the cargo area, there is a 12V battery for things like the power windows and the starter for the gas engine.

Not all the time!
Trust me, more than one BMW driver has been… let’s just say… embarrassed at the Stop Light Derby. :wink:


That seems about right. I paid the dealer to replace the timing belt on my V6 Honda about 12 years ago for $700.

Here is a Youtube illustration:

  • Trunk is about 5" elevated than the folded rear seat. Reg Prius will fold flat. I believe you also loose one passenger (4 vs 5).

As per my OP, trunk space is heading towards a deal breaker! Thoughts?

Only you can decide if it’s a deal breaker. I gave up some trunk room in my 2011 MKZ hybrid, but it’s worth the 38 mpg, day after day regardless of city/highway.

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Not for me, but I’m not buying the car. How often do you need the extra space? Do you have other vehicles that you can use when the extra space is needed?

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My thoughts mean nothing. You and your other household members are the ones who make this decision .

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Spoke with a taxi driver of a 2014 Prius V.

He had to change the engine at 175k - Later replaced the hybrid battery at dealership for $2700. Used battery with 1yr warranty would have costed him $1k.