President Plans To Roll-Back EPA Fuel Rules And Eliminate Burdensome Automaker Regulations



Funny you should mention engineering your way out of a problem. I happen to agree with that notion.

Of course, this makes it hard to explain why people think it’s a good idea for Trump to relax regulations on the coal industry and to relax mpg standards, because electric cars combined with nuclear and renewable energy production are the way to engineer our way out of a problem. Why, then, is Trump dropping disincentives to shy away from such engineering programs?

Those regulations encouraged innovation, including encouraging the development of electric cars because, hey, pretty hard to fail an mpg test if your vehicle doesn’t use g’s.

Because of the moves Trump is looking to make, our path to engineering our way out of the problem is going to be delayed by who knows how many years.


I dunno, I think we have a Russian plant trying to get a discussion going so that NSA can capture it to use against us in an audit.

When we are all forced to go back to riding horses instead of cars, you’re really going to see an increase in world-wide emissions. I never did like horses (sorry for you horse fans) but it’d be better than walking 5 miles to the nearest general store or the stage coach depot. Wonder if Wells Fargo would get back into the stage coach business?


Russian plant is probably a Trump insider.


If I find that the stream that supports my cattle farm is poisoned from an upstream paint manufacturer am I left to abandon my now useless land and sell my cattle to settle my debts and go to work flipping burgers for minimum wage? What would Solomon do?


I dunno Rod, there is a whole legal field concerning water rights, mostly in the west though. I would just say that you should keep your cattle out of the stream, lest you pollute it. So you think its ok for cow pies, etc. to be dropped in the water? But the paint guys should stay out of it too.


Talk about movements…
It’s called GLOBAL Warming because if they called it NEW HAMPSHIRE WARMING or AGENTINA WARMING it wouldn’t get enough support.

That’s the thing… it was called MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING at one time (Think Al Gore when he was hawking books.) After several years or a couple of decades some locations started cooling. Oh, oh.

The name was changed to MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE (Ha! Too warm? Got ya’ covered. Too cold? Got that, too!).

Then it was learned that it could be other natural factors, besides man that were causing it. No problem… The name was changed to CLIMATE CHANGE. Voila!

So, if some folks are too warm, it’s CLIMATE CHANGE. If I’m too cold it’s CLIMATE CHANGE.

Do I know the difference between weather and climate? I’m the who had to tell you, yesterday or the day before.

Where I live we had an ICE AGE a while back in time. In fact it created the lake where I live. There have several ice ages and warm ages. Weather is always changing and climate is always changing.

Finally, I’ve been a conservative person my entire life and the only movement I’ve been a part of was the one I had earlier in the day, but that’s a different matter.

If people think they’re going to rally around and keep the climate from cycling up or down, in any significant way, then good luck with that. :wink:

Meanwhile, would somebody send me some heat? My furnace needs a break!


And I too find it curious how easily it is for corporate America to move millions from one balance sheet to another, then bankrupt the former in order to avoid the penalties for various offenses while funding a new enterprise with the newly aquired funds in the latter. Failure can be just another painless step fowards great success for some. Funny thing though, Citi eliminated the bankruptcy RESET for individuals.


You’ll ALWAYS find pockets cooling while others get hotter. But overall the average temps around have increased. That’s a fact. Deny it if you want - I know you will.

Please show me the Peer Reviewed article in any decent scientific journal that says that.

Here’s mine that say the opposite.

As long as there’s enough closed minded people who base their opinion on Fox News or other conservative agendas that benefit big money…then you’re right. The people behind the science deniers are the ones that are to loose the most…Coal and Oil industry. But now even they are starting to come around.


Looks like the Chinese will beat us to a fine solution: Thorium.
The LFTR reactor, proven in the 1950s, produces no CO2, doesn’t run under pressure, and is meltdown proof.
At industrial scale an LFTR will be much cheaper than wind or solar.
Thorium is much more abundant than uranium, is cheaper to prepare as fuel, generates 100X less radioactive waste, which can’t be used to make nuclear weapons.


The US actually looked at Thorium reactors decades ago. The reason it didn’t go further was that Thorium reactors don’t create material that can be used in building Nuclear Weapons.

BTW the Chinese Thorium reactor has a few American Scientists on the project. So far the US has rejected this technology.


I remember a while, quite a while back, it was global cooling and another ice age was coming. Seeing a number of colossal computer program prediction failures developed by “experts”, I take it all with a grain of salt. I know careers hinge on one or the other so there is built in bias.

At any rate there might be a good business opportunity for building huge domes to protect everyone from the coming disaster. I think we should try to be good stewards of the earth but we don’t need to go nuts just to fill someone’s pockets.

I saw one prepper youtube showing how to store a years worth of toilet paper. I guess I’ve got a months worth but after that I’m in trouble if we end up like the Venezuela.


You do know that science isn’t stagnant? If it was we’d have had all the answers centuries ago.

Scientists make predictions based on the science at the time. And that is constantly revised.

Before Einstein Gravity was classified as a Physical Law. But because of new discoveries of Einstein, Gravity is actually a Theory because he found certain conditions under Newtonian physics that break the Gravity law.

If you don’t think Climate change is real and man isn’t a major factor…then show me your evidence. I’ve shown mine.

People still believe the earth is Flat and the universe revolves around the earth. Doesn’t mean it’s true or supported by any scientific evidence. You can believe what you want. I’ll follow the science instead of buying my head in the sand.


While I’m not convinced that we are entering a period of climate change due to man made environmental degradation I am convinced that we would be significantly better off if the past 15 years had seen a pro environment war rather than the anti WMD war we continue to $uffer with.


Also if you choose the data set to compare to that eliminates temps in a few years that would change the average you skew the results. Its an old statistical trick to get the results you want. Also if your measuring instruments are now in the metro areas with lots of concrete, the temps will be higher. Or if you choose a different sea depth or location for measuring, average sea temps can be manipulated. There are lots of ways of skewing results to your favor, not withstanding a poor computer program that just projects changes at a consistent rate which we all know rarely happens with anything.


I was taught that in school. Also, remember “duck and cover” drills and fallout shelters? That’s the thing, I believe, some of have been here, done this with alarmists. It’s not my first rodeo.

In Kindergarten we learned from Chicken Little that the sky was falling.

In Elementary school I learned that war was imminent and fall-out would kill us all.

In High School and College it was Global Cooling and approaching Ice Age.

Later, from Al Gore, I learned we were heating up… Polar Bears were drowning (he had photos) and the oceans were rising. My kids got me the book (as a gag). Once the time came and passed that Florida was to be under water, I threw the book away!

As the winters here are becoming colder, I’m sitting here thinking we’ve come full circle…
Cue: Chicken Little.


Your grasping at straws. Show me that’s happening.

There hasn’t been ONE experiment to suggest global warming is happening…there have literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

The one thing about science you don’t understand…is that once a theory is put forth, a good portion of the scientific community try to disprove it. Remember Cold Fusion? People all over the world have attacked Global Warming and spent millions of dollars in experiments to prove it’s not happening…and after many failed attempts these same deniers are now true believers. A true scientist goes where the science leads them. They follow the data.

You suggest that they have a agenda. Why? What possible motive? For grant money? If they wanted grant money they’d be getting funding from Big Coal and Oil. That’s where the money is. My daughter knows a couple of MIT professors who turned down money from the Coal industry to do Global Warming research because a condition of the funding was to find in favor of the Coal industry. Now that Global Warming is fairly well accepted in the science community, it would be prudent of many scientists to actually try to get grant money to DISPROVE Global Warming. They’d be flooded with money grants. Why isn’t that happening?

Your theory really lacks any evidence and defies logic.


There’s a hen house full of Chicken Littles @common_sense_answer. Many call themselves lobbyists and pretend to be indisputable champions of democracy. Truth is they’re all ready to champion the deepest pockets as are the various Noooz networks. And there’s no shorage of gullible single issue voters on either side of the aisle.


You have a severe misunderstanding of the word “experiment.”



Facts might not matter to someone who has set beliefs. More facts might mean heels dug in even harder.

“As a rule, misinformed people do not change their minds once they have been presented with facts that challenge their beliefs. But beyond simply not changing their minds when they should, research shows that they are likely to become more attached to their mistaken beliefs. The factual information “backfires.” When people don’t agree with you, research suggests that bringing in facts to support your case might actually make them believe you less.”


None of which has anything to do with mankind’s pollution, Mike. Radon is a decay product of Uranium: you must have some degree of uranium ore in your aquifer. Arsenic is generally (though not always) naturally-occurring, too. Plenty of towns in desolate parts of the desert southwest found their aquifers “undrinkable” by government fiat in the late 90s: the EPA ratcheted down “acceptable” levels of arsenic, and these towns (who had been on the same well water for a century) found their previously “safe” water now “unsafe,” and had to scurry to find an alternative source, a century of observed positive outcomes notwithstanding.