Plug-in or Hybrid, 2012 or newer?

A simple Google search will let you find many complaints about both of those warranty companies.

I think it would be hard to argue against the Prius plug-in, but I’d look at what’s available in the Chevy Volt line-up too. Were I actually looking to buy a plug-in I’d just buy an all electric myself. There are lots of places to charge electric cars in my area, many for free. I see a Tesla Model 3 nearby always parked on the street, never seen a charger connected to it yet, in the entire 2-years. The owner must be charging it where he works.

The latest Consumer Reports has a big article on electric cars. In a sidebar they say it may make sense for many “buyers” to lease them, instead… because of fast techno advances and depreciation.

This is the last year of the Chevy Volt.

The cost difference between Hybrid and non-Hybrid has closed drastically in the past few years, some as low as $2,000. At 5k miles a year it might take you just 8 years to benefit from the hybrid. When hybrids first came out was close to 30 years.

I probably would not get an extended warranty for a used hybrid, even worse an aftermarket warranty.

I believe the alterator is the MotorGenerator in Prius as they call it.
Pls see the video below around 3:21mins

Perhaps it is referred here - video talks about patent from California.

OK, so that’s what you’re talking about. I have never seen a question about one of those failing, ever. Could it happen? Sure, but it’s very unlikely. The only significant failure potential I’d worry about is the hybrid battery.

Someone quoted like $2800 for the battery

That sounds about right. You could check your area for ‘hybrid battery repair’, see if someone will do it for less.

Hmm. I would not buy any green car with a battery older than 75K miles and 7 years old. I’d want the initial drivetrain warranty (longer for hybrids and EVs). That’s just me. Unless the whole thing is under $2K, then buy whatever you find in good condition that can get a registration sticker. The Prius PIH or Prime is hugely popular. Top-selling affordable EV in America right now and the Prius remains the top-selling green car. I’d get a RAV4 Hybrid AWD. Because they are awesome family cars.

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When I was shopping for Honda Accord recently, the difference was under $1200 to the base ICE equipped vehicle of the same trim, less expensive than bigger-engine version of the same trim.
Considering that performance-wise hybrid is also in between, I feel it was no premium for having hybrid and I avoided the dreaded CVT with it :slight_smile:

Why 7 yrs old?
Am I correct that California mandates warranty of 10yrs on the battery?