Oil for Extreme Winter Temperatures

Where will you be overnighting? RV parks will be shut down, right? How will you find a dump station? Water? Electricity?

I appreciate your remarks about old engines leaking synthetic. I’ll stay with 5w30.
Engine battery is 8 yr Shucks model, 27 months old. Two RV deep cells at 15 months old.
Camping dry to eliminate frozen pipes/water tanks/holding tanks.
Will take a good down bag!

Ski area parking lots in most cases & WalMarts in one location, one RV park in another location. Camping dry, water in 1 gallon jugs, Honda 2000W Generator for electricity, electric heater when gen is operating, propane caltalytic heater throught the night. Renting showers every few days.

Many ski lodges, especially in Canada now have electric outlets to plug in your car or truck. So a block heater would be a good investment.

Most of those living North of the 49th parallel, however, would not consider British Columbia temperatures to be EXTREME.

If you are using your catalytic heater in the motorhome, please provide adequate VENTILATION! I have one of those (a Coleman) and it has in big, bold letters: “This appliance consumes OXYGEN; please provide adequalte ventilation”. You don’t want to end up a dead ski bum!