Off-road, no SUV

Stick with what you have. It’s your car, your home ground and your roads. What do we know? If your not adventurous type - nuff said. If you are, then go for it. Shoot that baby into the unknown and let 'er buck. We had an old 56 Plymouth. My Dad thought it great fun to put me behind the wheel off road and just go crazy. Most folks that have the “off-road” specials don’t use them and don’t need them. Think of the good times and the fun you’ll have telling others where you took old “Trusty”. Learning how to avoid high-center is just part of the fun.

Thanks for the advice. I’m the explorer-type so I’ll test the limits of my trusty Bug and have some good stories.

Maybe you should consider skid plates to keep the parts at the bottom of the car safe from damage.

jtsanders has a point. It sounds like ground clearance/ protection is more of a concern. The problem with testing the Bug is, using a vehicle as it was not intended many times lowers it’s value, may make it less safe with soft under belly damage and eventually look like crap. But, if you can live with that, have at it and hope your good stories aren’t from a hospital bed. Take care.