New user welcome banner

When I first saw the ’ Let’s welcome them ’ banner my first thought was Great , now the site is giving out their version of participation trophies.

The “singular they” is not new to the English language. It has been in use at least 644 years.


You mean participation trophies?

No, I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I think these messages are intended to encourage, um, certain people, who, um, tend to treat newcomers rather harshly, to um, be nicer to them. It’s a nice way to address the problem without having to, um, you know, single anyone out. :wink:


Yes , that is what I meant . Thanks for catching that . I will correct it .

I know it’s 2019 and all but what’s with the welcoming “them”? I was taught them is plural. I know you can’t use him or her or it because we don’t what they are but I’m sure there is only one OP making the post and not several of “them”. So maybe we can just welcome the poster. Back to my hole.


Someone flagged this as off-topic and it really had nothing to do with steering wheels so I moved it to a different thread.

@VOLVO_V70 I think Whitey said it very well. And if it was a participation trophy, the message would be doing the welcoming to reward the user. The message is instead geared toward the existing users for a reason. (This was a feature Discourse added in their last update, and it’s not a bad idea, especially here.)


Well, I think Whitey’s message is worth repeating and I welcome the message.
The tone here is deteriorating quite fast to a level this forum don’t deserve.
And that is not just because of, and from - lets just say - not so smart OP’s.

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Not a fan of cutesy, but whatever.

That’s okay, but I’m a fan of courtesy.

That translates to “what do i care” or indifference.

Is that the reason we are here?

Because if it is, then I have to do some reasoning as to why do I spend so much time here on this forum.

I’m here to do what I can to make some, to me, unknown persons car problem a little easier if possible.

Can we share some funny stories among us, even better.

In a currently live thread, there has been a lot of name calling and rotten names both ways and the like thrown around and that’s not contributing to a well doing and lively forum where people thrives.

Okay, on with the possitive attitude.

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Just saying I do not need a reminder that hey this is their first post, remember to be nice. I try to be nice to most people, though there have been exceptions. Most memorable I don’t believe in doing oil changes, my engine locked up, shouldn’t an engine go 60k miles, can I claim lemon law? No way I am being nice. Otherwise I have had enough fixes to things like my car is making a whining noise. Is your Power steering fluid low? Yeah it was filled it up all is good.

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I like knowing a new person has shown up. It’s an opportunity to grow the community. Growth took a hit as Car Talk and The Best of Car Talk left the airwaves. I miss those Saturday morning shows, but continue to appreciate this community.

Nothing like getting all shook up over nothing. Just saying it looks strange. Why not just “welcome to the community” or if we have to be reminded, “Let’s be nice to the new poster”? Otherwise it looks like a typo or a piece of boilerplate that actually minimizes the importance of the new poster. Like the phone message “your call is important to us”. No it’s not. You aren’t fooling anyone. It’s just a meaningless thing to say and if my call was really important to you, there would be a live body to answer the phone. Just think we should be authentic or doesn’t the new poster see the message? Nuff said. You got me going on stupid business practices. Bye. Stay cool.