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New features for the Car Talk Community

Personally I will be thrilled if it no longer drops my log-in.

I’m sure mine is a minority point of view, but I’d fix the logon problem (which I thankfully do not have) and the bug that causes reply boxes not to appear sometimes and leave everything else on the user side alone. More junk on the user side does not generally improve web sites and it sometimes hurts them. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give your site the way it is a 7 or 8. That’s good enough.

It would be nice to be able to see more than just the last three posts in your activity stream. This would make it much easier to check in on a post from more than a day or two ago and prevent time being wasted having to try and find a specific post you know you commented on.

How about giving Subaru it’s own topic heading? The massive number of Subaru threads deserve their own special place…

Honestly, if I beleived you would actually pay attention to what users said I might make some suggestions, but I don’t beleive. I’ve made comments and suggestions before. No change, no response, no apparent attention paid to anything users say. So, no, you figure it out for yourself.

I star great answers and am proud to give positive stars to those great people. I would like to see who responds with how many stars to posts.

Hi Folks,

I realize this original post was some time ago, but we’re actually beginning the final stages of migration to a new discussion forum platform. We were delayed for several months, for reasons out of our control, unfortunately.

We’ve reviewed this list here and will try to get many of these features activated in the new forum. If you have any other suggestions for features you’d like to see added, please let me know via this discussion, or email me privately via the “box 3500” button at Thank you.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

I just want to be able to continue to listen to your show on my computer. I am never in my car or home when it’s on so I really appreciate being able to listen to the show at a time convenient to me.
So hope that doesn’t change!

Got your email about the upcoming change / update and so came back on to see what is happening