Most responsive fuel injection: mechanical or electronic?

Since Mazda launched SKYACTIV Technology in late 2010, what are the years of the other Toyota and Honda’s you are comparing it to, what size engine and what is the HP/torque of all vehicles being compared, plus the weight, or power to weight ratio of each??

Is the Corolla “drive by wire” or does it have a throttle cable all the way to the throttle? Many drive by wire cars are this way to maximize fuel economy and lessen wear on the transmission and other mechanical parts. You can put the pedal to the floor but it won’t respond until the computer tells it to. This lag is not long but definitely noticeable.

2004 was the 1st year for the Corolla drive by wire throttle body…


92 Corolla uses a steel cable from pedal to throttle valve. 70’s Rabbit, the same. Throttle linkage doesn’t explain the responsiveness difference. My guess, the Corolla’s lack of an air flow meter vs the Rabbit’s mechanical wind-vane version.

I didn’t know the year of the Corolla so didn’t know which it was. So it is a 1992?

It could also be the power curve of the engine. Some engines are higher horsepower but have to turn at a higher RPM to really shine. Find a graph of power and torque curves for both the engines in consideration. Also the Corolla may weigh more so the power to weight ratio is less. I don’t know but have experienced similar things myself.

A heavy flywheel will do this, too. Heavy flywheels smooth out 4 cyl vibrations and help launch the car from a stop, but they slow the throttle response… up and down the rpm scale. If the VW had a lighter flywheel, it would feel more responsive.

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