Mixing R134A with R12

I bought three 12 oz cans on Fleabay two years ago for 90 bucks shipping included. Very few are letting it go for that today. (Yes I am 609 certified through Essco) :slight_smile:


That price is crazy! Guys around here are offering $10 a can, and it sells as low as $12 a can on craigslist.

REAL R12 Refrigerant goes for about $90.00/lb.


And you MUST be certified to purchase it.


or if you need more
R12 freon (5) 30lb jugs sealed national sealed new - $400 (Oaklawn)

Unless the seller is certified, and the buyer is certified, it’s being sold illegally.


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Those 30lb jugs are $400.00 each

It was not clear at first glance, $13 a lb or so, don’t need it, you read better than I.

That’s not R12.

Look on the box. It’s R22.

R22 is used in stationary refrigeration systems.

Such as your refrigerator/freezer/house AC.


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My bad, but the r12 is there, did not know about the legal consequences, searched r12, and that showed up, thanks for the correction.

Long ago someone filled R12 canisters with butane and marketed it across the country. It actually worked well as a refrigerant I understand but a leak became a bomb. I flame tested canisters before using them for many years.

Oh geeze just bite the bullet. I’ve heard some of that stuff is LP from Mexico. Kind of like buying cancer drugs on line. At any rate back in the old days, I just plain converted several cars to be done with it. Last summer I replaced the house air conditioner too because it was dang near as cheap as refilling it with the old stuff. There just comes a point when you convert.


Does the oil circulate throughout the system on a central AC unit? I thought that all sealed unit compressors kept the oil in the canister.

Why would you even post this if it is illegal as you say ?


I converted a couple of R12 vehicles in the past to R134a and it worked quite well with R12. No problems at all. I did use the correct lubricant for R134a so I guess that’s why I had no problems.

I had a 91 Mustang, slow leak, no money. Yes I added 134 to the r12. Blew colder than ever, worked fine until I traded it in!