Michelles' leaky tires

Does Michelle have aluminum rims? It has happened to me that corrosion on the inside of the rim where the tire makes the bead causes slow leaks. The tires had to be removed from the rims and the corrosion polished off.

Who’s Michelle?

McParadise, I Think Fancey Dave Is Talking About Last Week-End’s CT Show.

I copied the call for you, Here it is:

Call 9: Michelle, Chicago, IL
2008 Honda CR-V
A tires/cold weather question. In cold winter temperatures, she parks in a heated garage, around 65-70 degrees. In the morning, pressure has dropped from 30-27psi, in all four tires. Happens a few times a week. She has leaks in her tires. It seems unlikely that all four are leaking, but that might be the case. Could be boyfriend trying to Gaslight her.