Memories of mechanics who shout angrily



I will admit, I have a very limited exposure to the world outside of my rural Indiana county. Ive been to Colorado once and Florida a few times and it was like a whole new world to me.

I have been other places for work, but when that happens its 16 hr days eating in tents so i don’t get to see alot.


Honestly anyone on here is going to be a technician. I honestly dont think the term mechanic applies anymore.

There is an exhaust shop I know of and they do exhaust and some brake work. There is a rough bunch working there. They are the type of place that may or may not remove your catalytic converter for you…

One of the guys that works there was recently in the police blotter for striking his wife and resisting law enforcement.

No emissions here in Hoosierland.


I honestly think its because I live in such a wretched place. Honestly, you have no idea.

Im stuck for now…

I honestly think if you visited here you would not believe it. Its quite a backwards place unfortunately. People are proud of their ignorance here.


Really . . . ?

You’re a very qualified guy . . . there’s nothing preventing you from relocating

I did it, as did my entire family during various parts of their lives


I think that as the automotive industry evolves to EVs, and I truly believe that in 20 (or 30, accepting that many by-then old cars will still be on the road) years the new car offerings will be either EVs or hybrids with a very small percentage being gas only, the knowledge required will be very different. Old time “grease monkeys” who learned hands-on only, (for whom I have only the utmost respect) will become largely obsolete. There will still be steering systems, suspension systems, and braking systems, but even they are becoming more technology-driven with the passing years. Training will be even more intensive, and may even evolve to fill four year degrees.

That won’t alter the “mechanics who shout” proportion much of at all. A portion of every population consists of people with little culture. Or perhaps “control” is a better word. I recall the term “going postal”, but in truth the only reason there seemed to be so many in the postal service losing control was IMHO because there were simply so many people working for the postal service. The media made it sound like a postal problem, but I suspect there were proportionally just as many people “going postal” in most other fields of endeavor.


If you can’t work in the area you like, like the area where you work. I grew up in Indiana. I spent 44 years working for the same university in Indiana. My area of Indiana was hit hard by the closing of auto parts plants. My wife and I look for ways to help the community.
I did spend 2 years in Southern Illinois as a graduate student. I enjoyed that area of the country as well. It was different from the part of Indiana where I had lived and where I now live, but I liked the people in that area as well.