Low beans

I don’t have any low beans,I changed bulbes.changed relay, fuse good,I even changed switch,still no low beans. any answers?

Low ‘beans,’ eh? That’s a new problem. Surely, you want low beams, not beans. I’m just kidding. What year is your Cavalier? This will help us help you. Older ones used a pushrod in the steering column to actuate the switch, and they can be tricky to get properly aligned when the switch is replaced. Newer ones did away with that and had everything in the multifunction switch. Other things to check for are voltage at the sockets, corrosion in the sockets at the bulbs, switch, and relays, and part number on the bulbs if you have a newer Cavalier with dual filament bulbs. Hope this helps.

Have you consulted Heinz or the B&M company?
They might be more helpful on this topic than we could be.


Is this a low rider with a jack back, a dump front, a drop top and 30k art job? Try some new jump compressors and get down with your bumppin’ ride.