Looking for new(to me) reliable car

Never meant to imply anything about your finances. Just that both people need to be involved. While it would not be my first choice but consider this. If you drive less than 12000 miles a year look for the lowest cost lease you can find. That will give you the reliability you need for 3 years and take away the possible purchase of a used vehicle that might have expensive repairs in the future.

My daughter has a 2012 Cruze and hasn’t had problems with it.

Would you care to say why you made that statement ?

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My sister got a brand new Cruze a couple of years ago and the car had engine and transmission problems in the first 20k miles, she did got them fix but eventually just trade it and got a Malibu instead.
I’ve also read about different issues on the Cruze

I did looked into it but that wouldn’t work I drive around 70-75 miles a day, plus the getaway weekends,

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