Lexus RX350 2013 Android Head unit

Hello! I recently became the owner of the 350th.
I plan to buy a head unit on Android OS, but before that I want to study in detail all the aspects, difficulties and possible consequences of such an undertaking.
I have a 2013 model.
Maybe someone already installed, please share your experience, I will be very grateful.

What I have at the moment)

Crutchfield one of the larger suppliers of after-market car stereos recommends against changing from your factory stereo. They have no parts to do a head unit replacement.

So anything you do will have to be a custom fabrication and install to make it fit and work.

Hello, congratulations on your purchase. your car is beautiful and reliable ( being a Toyota) I would point you to YouTube and maybe lexus specific forms to get more information about your undertaking.
Hopefully there are aftermarket vendors that have options that are plug and play.
Btw I hope in not too late to get back to you ( looking at the picture it seems that you have ventured quite deep on your own.
Also, In the past, I have heard that some modules could be changed on specific cars to incorporate android auto and apple car.
I believe on 2015 and up Mercedes, you can reflash to enable apple car and android auto
On my car which is a '14 you have to replace a module and then reflash the entertainment system to get those
Hope this tangent gives you more options

Best wishes

Thank you! This former possessor did stupid things, and now everything has to be fixed somehow.
Interesting that Toyota made head units for Lexus.

Who do you think makes Lexus , The Toyota corp. And the head units are made for Toyota by someone else.


So that’s what I got.
After a couple of weeks of studying the issue. I found the right option and ordered it. Installation was not more difficult to disassemble)))
Just kidding.
I expect just the delivery of the head unit.