Kia k5 low PSI warning

Actually worse than not checking the pressures, the OP is checking them and doing nothing about them being low. Can’t help someone that won’t even help themselves.


I’m not sure what’s so complicated about this. The PSI in the problem tire was eventually getting to what the other one’s were at (the ones that DO NOT have an alert on them). I wasn’t sure why the alert was only on that tire and not the others. I thought maybe difference in the PSIs was causing the alert to come on.

The correct pressure is what the tires read when they are cold, not after they have been driven. Get them all up to the recommended pressure first thiing in the morning. 29 psi is low if the recommended pressure is 34 psi. Why is this so difficult to understand?


the tps is preset to go off when the tire gets low at a preset psi. that 1 tire was below the threshold setting it off. the others were not there yet. you need to bring all 4 tires to the correct pressure listed for you vehicle. do this when the tires are cold. then take the vehicle for a ride for it to reset. if it does not reset than see the dealer.

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Because all the other tires are below 34 PSI but do not have the warning signal the other tire does. Why is that so difficult to understand?

I give up . Just set all four tires to the recommended pressure . The others have not reach the warning point and it is possible that the system needs to be calibrated which has to be done when all 4 tires are where they should be.

I am out of here.


The tires can be low without the warning light coming on. When the light comes on they are already way too low. Your tires are 5 lbs psi too low and need to be brought up to the right pressure, light or no light. Go with what the gauge tells you, not the idiot light. This is a basic tenet of regular car maintenance.

Agree they are called \\\ IDIOT LIGHTS ///// for a reason. :roll_eyes: :grinning:

The easy answer is to inflate the tires.

The complicated answer is the system is programmed to alert the driver when a tire is 6 PSI below the proper pressure. The alert will not terminate until the pressure is increased by a certain value, this to reduce the chance of the warning being canceled by the normal increase of pressure while driving and misguiding the driver to believe the tire pressure is correct while driving. How much of an increase in pressure is needed to satisfy the computer? Depends on the system.

Inflating one tire woke up the sensor in that tire sending a signal to the computer, the other sensor may be in “sleep mode” until the pressure changes or the tire are in motion. Some systems will not cancel the alert until all 4 signals are received.

This vehicle has a pressure display, not a warning light.

You stated you were having it looked at today. You didn’t say, but I would guess you are taking it to the dealership.
Let us know if the dealership agrees with the very simple premise of bring all four tire up to the correct pressure would have solved the non-problem.

Some tpms check the spare tire as well.

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