Keyless Entry System -- how does it work


I’m biting my tongue. Ouch. I have a filter though.


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No one should leave Snickers bars in the car in Florida… they become Snickers flavored hot chocolate!


This might be a wonderful Segway into the entire subject of energy. Just as the car’s sensor responds to the electromagnetic signal radiated from the key at a specific designated frequency, so too does your eye’s retina respond to the frequencies of electromagnetic energy radiated by the sun as light waves. And what we call “light waves” are actually just that spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies to which the retinas in our eyes react. There are radiant energies that go completely and harmlessly through your body all day long, and some that go invisibly through your body but cause damage to cells along the way.

If you’re innately interested in physics, there’re a whole lot of directions your research can take you. I urge you to not limit your research to car locking systems.

Sincere best with this. Physics is a truly wonderful and fun subject.


My kids left a large box of crayons in our van on a hot day once. They became a box of hollow paper tubes sitting on a large dark stain on the seat fabric.




I dunno same, I think you are getting dangerously close to the theory that this is not real life, but simply a video playing. Be kind, rewind.


Theory? Who says it’s a theory?