It had to happen


When posters complain about their BRAKES and use the word BREAKS it is annoying . Well just the opposite happened on the Toyotanation site . Someone was worried about a lever on the dash being weak and they were afraid they would BRAKE it.


And there are all the references to a rear AXEL.


Or fule filters…


Moving on to malapropisms, a local car show host talked about “crustaceans” that can form in your radiator. I emailed him and asked what type of crabs, shrimps, or crawdads he found.


I remember responding to an inquiry here involving a potential problem with a Cadillac Converter. I guess that’s my favorite so far.


I and the poster had fun about intermitten, The opposite of outermitten I suggested, we had fun with that, but I put cr instead of car, leading off the moment. Carp we are not all prefect all the time, axle, axel, brake, break, whatever as much as I would like to see the prupper spelling for the propper words it aint always going to happen, and no reason to get your bundies up in a hunch.


It is funny how some people can never pronounce…or write a word properly. Not that I’m some perfect specimen of knowledge here, but I try my best. And with spell check yet.

But they may be way more knowledgeable than this in their own field.

I’m one that always reads my posts to be sure they make sense and that my spelling is correct.
It drives me crazy that some posters never seem to check their work. Some ramble on without even telling you the problem. others have you so confused with their side stories that you lose track at half a page.

My mother still says old timers instead of Alzheimer’s and she thinks it’s correct. I am not argueing with her she’s 85 and still has my baby pictures!!!



I told about the ad in the local paper about a back to school BREAK special. The editor quickly corrected it though from my email before it hit the paper version. Of course I have been known to confuse foul and fowl myself.


Ya my daughter Chelsea, thought instead of Excelsius Deo. it was Chelsea’s dayo, and so many songs I had the wrong lyrics in my brain vs what the actual lyrics were.

ps @Yosemite what means “But they may be way more knowledgeable than is in their own field.”?


“In the highest”. I sung that so many times in high school, college, and church, I’m trying to forget. But I had the words printed out for me.

My son used to think in second grade “exclamation point” was “extra martian paint”. Who knows what goes on in kids heads for sure.


It that annoys you, I have to wonder how you deal with REAL problems.

The English language is replete with words that sound the same but are spelled two different ways depending on meaning. Like “than” and “then”. It’s also full of words that, while spelled the same, can have two entirely different meanings depending on context. As well as all sorts of confusing words. And you should never start a sentence with a conjunction. Or dangle a participle… whatever the heck a participle is. And I myself often hit the wrong keys… and don’t notice.

I did poorly in English in school. Too many made up rules. There’re no theories or principles behind them… only principals. They’re just rules to be memorized.

I won’t even get into the butchery that “spellcheck” sometimes does to my words. And remember (there I go starting with a conjunction again) that English is my FIRST language. Many of our queries here come from people for whom (or should that be “who”?) English is their second language… or even their third.

It’s critical for people to learn to write articulately and concisely… you’ll notice all the unnecessary words I used to say that. But there’s no point getting annoyed by misuse or misspelling. This is, after all, a car forum, not an English forum.

Oh, and at least the lever on the dash wasn’t week…


English is my second to third language, but I try and make it right as much as possible.

I do happen to be on the Toyotanation forum too and even though there is some good info there, the level of discussion is completely different. Sometimes you have a few pages of posts that never address the original problem properly. The misuse of the words BREAK or BRAKE is the least of my issues with that forum.


Those who draw attention to misspelling and the misuse of words become the misfits in my view. The topic is usually auto repair not grammar. Sometimes it is difficult to hold back when reading a poorly written post but if someone has no repair advice to offer there is no need to respond.

What I have a problem with is when the OP flubs the repair advise and says something like “they said my head cylinders are broken”. Next, a half dozen regulars will post “your mechanic is an idiot, you need a new one”. Understand that there is no transcript to the conversation and the customer is out of their field of expertise. The customers/OP’s issue must be more carefully reviewed.


Even worse is when someone posts about a problem and it doesn’t involve them at all. They have no mechanical knowledge and are likely incorrectly reciting what someone else incorrectly recited to them and which bore no resemblance at all to what the shop told the person with the car problem to begin with.


These happenings do not bother me.You Folks,sometimes,feel “badly”,about such things.Would you all have,felt “goodly”,if proper grammar,had been employed?
Have to agree with TSM,please do not be such grammar Nazis.


Around here there are numerous ads and signs for mobile home rentals. Almost all of them have “Trailor for rent.” It must be a regional thing.


The English language is replete with words that sound the same but are spelled two different ways depending on meaning. Like “than” and “then”.

While I will grant you that the sound difference between those two words is subtle, they do not sound the same. As the woman in this instructive video notes, “than” rhymes with “can”, and “then” rhymes with “Ken”.


These don’t bother me either.
Everyone of us has aptitudes or skills that we are strong in, as well as those that we struggle with.


Human nature is such that most of us will place more importance on the skills in which we excel, and–conversely–we usually consider our areas of weakness to be…less important.


We live in a cold area, and an often remarkwe read is someone wants our cars designed for our “CLIMACTIC” conditions. I’ve even heard news reporters make this mistake.