Is Driver Lacking Common Sense?

My dear departed French friend used to smoke extravagantly and decided we needed to climb a mountain for fresh air. We hiked Wittenberg which has roughly 4 false summits. At each one she took a “break” to breathe in the mountain air and killed 3 cigarettes while resting. “Zees ees so beauuutifuul”!


I think it might be technically illegal to park by pulling through one spot and parking in the one in front. I do this routinely for the reasons stated, never any complaints, and it seems an unlikely ticket situation. However the reason police might not like it, they think when you leave you may be briefly going in the wrong direction. In my area police seem to overlook even parking on the wrong side of neighborhood streets. Saw two such cases today in fact. One of those cars is nearly always parked facing the wrong direction. Parking (correctly) for more than three days in the same spot on a neighborhood street seems to get much more police attention here for some reason.

Sometimes when I pull through a parking lot space like that, I’ll have the problem Nevada mentions when I get back, no access to the trunk. I just put the stuff on the back seat/floor area.

Something tells me that we can infer the cause of her demise.
N’est-ce pas?

If this is done on private property–such as the parking lot of a supermarket or a shopping mall–I don’t think that “legalities” come into play. The property owner can determine whatever he/she deems to be proper parking behavior, but I seriously doubt if a valid summons could be issued for parking in “the wrong space” in a privately-owned lot.

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IIRC, that has happened to me once in… maybe… the past 10 years. If that happened, I would pull forward, but that hasn’t been necessary for me for… many years. But, in any event, people should park in whatever way might float their boat… even if it defies logic.

Not sure. I routinely see tow truck drivers going through supermarket/big box store parking lots, presumably looking for vehicles that somebody has asked to be impounded. Repo men in other words.

Oui, unfortunately. Cancer.

Mes condoléances mon ami.

Merci. Never smoked, never will. Do like to drink wine, tres bien!

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My ex-wife’s best friend would drive around a mall parking lot for 45 minutes to find that close-in parking space saving her from walking any distance. She also had a 30" waist and a butt measuring about 70". Pure laziness.
How many times have we been loading groceries into the cart at the local market when someone pulls up behind and waits for the space, when only 20’ away there is a row of open spaces?


Well, the driver might have been practicing, it’s obvious they needed it…

Another thought is they were using their car’s self parking feature which requires a spot between two cars, but this wouldn’t have required so many tries.

Here is a thought about always having a good parking place: If a great parking place opens up in the parking lot at a shopping mall, pull into the place immediately. When you have concluded your business, leave your car and take public transportation home. Then you will always have a good parking place.